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Owning a used CD shop I rarely use the net for music. One in awhile I like to put on an electronica station as background music. Before Blogamp mysteriously went silent on me I had a half-dozen stations bookmarked that I went to depending on mood.

I donít like internet radio on Windows Media Player. Too few stations and they are often overloaded making for choppy sound or outright refusal to connect. WMP always opens a copy of IE, wasting memory on my resources strapped old PIII PC.

ITunes has a much better selection of electronica stations. It is a bit of pig but the major media players wince Blogamp 2.x have all struck me that way. My one regret is that I canít right click on the station and pull up their website. I do miss Winampís internal browser. When I have time Iím going to work on trying to get Winamp working again.


I have been working on starting my own internet radio webstation for the last month. It isn’t online yet - launch date is July - but you might catch a test broadcast every now and then!

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Internet radio station choices.

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Internet radio station choices
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