Life Without Music?

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Life has been horribly burdensome lately.

Indeed on and off for almost six years there’ve been weeks and months when sheet disgust with life have left me despairing.

Too many of us have been there.

When the mere presence of the one you think you love makes you shudder and want to run away.

When walking across the street seems like too long and burdensome a journey.

The nights when you hope that you’ll fall asleep only to never again awake.

When it seems that the only reason to live is cowardice: that you don’t have the strength to put an end to yourself and your misery.

No way I could anticipate that just as life seemed to become richer than it had ever been before I’d find myself bound to someone who would make it all seem a cruel joke.

Or that even when I ‘d tossed my bad lover out of my home and life his death would haunt me. Were he here with me it would be the worst of happenings. I’ve moved on and have found another.

But my heart has never found the peace it should. Anymore I accept this as an evil accompaniment of my daily and nightly life.

But my ears and heart slalom across decades of recorded music from the birth of the electric music to the most richly realized productions of the 21st century.

Music gives me peace, music gives me joy.

Though there are still too many hours that seem barely tolerable once under my headphones my ears transport me into realms of pleasure and joy.

Music is one of life’s true benefactions.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Life Without Music?.

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Life Without Music?
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