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If I hadnít looked it up first Iíd swear that Barry Whiteís Loveís Theme was playing the first time I entered a gay bar. But the song came out a year later. Likely it was played so often it obliterated whatever nondescript tune the go-go boy was gyrating to. You could fairly say that I came to felt that Loveís Theme was a personal enemy.

The distance of time eases these prejudices. Heck I made peace with ABBA (mostly because their Greatest Hits was the first present I gave Charles).

Iíve caught snatches of Barry White here and there and liked them. A collection of his obscurities hit the shop and I tried it but didnít enjoy it. Sunday someone brought his All-Time Greatest Hits in the shop and I bought it for myself.

Havenít been thrilled by the disc. White rarely speaks or sings in the lower register. When his voice isnít low it is pedestrian. And the music sounds like slightly bouncy middle-of-the-road pop (aka easy listening).

Iíll give the CD another listening or two but doubt Iíll keep it.

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Listening to Barry White
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