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By rights, Moon Mullican should be a legend twice over, in country music and rock & roll. He merged them both -- as well as blues, pop, and honky tonk -- into a seamless whole ...

From Bruce Eder's entry on Moon Mullican in All Music Guide.

I discovered Mullican's Moonshine Jamboree a few years ago when I was exploring rockabilly. Having the cash to by CDs again for the first time in a few year's it was a joy to see Ace had put out a new collection entitled Seven Nights to Rock.

Mullican was a past master of hillbilly boogie somewhere in the borderland between rockabilly and western swing. Some of his boogie-woogie piano playing anticipates Jerry Lee Lewis. Given Henry Glover's production and King records topnotch studio personnel you have a rollicking CD that can't fail to please fans of rockabilly, proto-rock or whatever you want to call it.

How could you not want to hear a song called Grandpa Stole My Baby?

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