Music as sex

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When I started buying CDs I thought I'd accumulate novelty and humor CDs. I never did. An an email exchange today I think I summed up how I decide which CDs I keep: If the music doesn't affect me like good sex I won't keep it.

[Listening to: Midnight Blues - The Ravens - (2:44)]

With the possible exception of the Boswell Sisters, The Ravens were the greatest vocal group of all time.


You said it. Music can be a very sexual experience for me, and different songs or different types of music are like the varying degrees of lovers! I like music that turns me on, the more, the better. I am currently writing an essay on my philosophy of music being “sex for your ears”!

i want to what songs u guys have listened to that have everything to do with sex. Songs that have to do with sex,etc.

Depends on what you mean by sex. Prince comes to mind first, James Brown second. For me Marc Almond is very, very sexy.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Music as sex.

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Music as sex
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