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For a longish time I’ve known that Giorgio Moroder was a defining and shaping force in dance music.

Of course when Moroder was practicing I hated dance music (disco). I was as much a “disco sucks” kind of guy as any hetero boy. Maybe more so since when I went into a gay bar it was blasting out the speakers.

And with Saturday Night Live it briefly took over the sonic world. At least in the mass market. I was listening to the individual members of Velvet Underground and Roxy Music.

Being me it was only latterly that I discovered the pleasures of dance music even if one was only sitting in the living room.

Remembering Moroder’s name I was curious to listen to his works sans the divas. None of it was available on compact disc.

Giorgio Moroder is available now.



Put in Neil Tennant’s voice, jiggle a few controls and you have - oh my! - the Pet Shop Boys.

Ignoring the contributions of Brian Transeau, hard house goa trance and he like and it is as if Moroder created it all, with so much of what followed in dance music emendations.

I need to listen more but it does seem as if he were the fons et origo of dance pop.

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Oh Giorgio!
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