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“Singing Rage of the Gospel Age,” Professor Alex Bradford, who has been called “Gospel’s Little Richard,” arguably stands as the most influential male artist of gospel’s post-World War II Golden Age.
- All Music Guide

Rainbow in the Sky by Alex Bradford
My favorite Alex Bradford CD

Alex Bradford is one of those gospel musicians who remind you that if it hadn’t been for Black Gospel Music there wouldn’t have been soul music. For decades most R&B singers grew up hearing music in church every Sunday. (And many still thank God and Jesus on their liner notes.) When Whitney Houston really lets go you can still hear the gospel sound.

One Step: Angel on Vacation
Angel on Vacation

Alex Bradford was a singer and pianist. And when he really swings you don’t doubt his influence on Ray Charles and Little Richard (Bradford was apt to switch into an outrageous falsetto at impassioned moment.

As with much golden age gospel when Bradford lets go you can as easily imagine him singing about his girlfriend as his Savior.

I was thinking I’d read that Alex Bradford was gay. My reference books are boxed up. But nothing on the web hints that he was. Probably my memory was corrupted by the frequent references to his flamboyance and that those Little Richard flourishes.

Too Close

If you like early Rhythm and Blues, Alex Bradford is one of those gospel singers you should sample. To my own tastes his recordings on Specialty are the best followed by his Nashboro songs, but his VeeJay material is just fine, probably all it is a happy way to pass time under the headphones.

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