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I do listen to more or less contemporary music. Nothing you'll see on MTV, not that I scorn the pleasures others take in Top 40. Today's top of the charts is tomorrow's 'classics.' The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Sam Cooke were all successful musicians in their time. Now they are revered (well, we do laugh at Elvis).

Of the electronic musicians that I've stuck with since my massive binge into dance and electronica is Luke Vibert (aka Wagon Christ and other whimsical names). While I was loading up on the Boswell Sisters and Fred Astaire I grabbed a couple of Luke Vibert CDs that I'd missed.

I don't care for stoner humor. Goofy references to Star Trek and other science fiction television shows and movies just annoy me. This should disqualify me from being a Wagon Christ fan. But Vibert is an impeccable master of swing. And the essential good naturedness of his music always make me smile. And he's as inventive as Hell.

When a musician makes your body sway, makes your mouth curve up at the ends and tickles your ear with intelligent novelty how can you begrudge him a bit of goofiness.

I can't say I've given Yoseph and Sorry I Make You Lush adequate listens I've picked up about forty CDs in the last couple of weeks they do make me move and smile. Don't know if I'll like them as much as Tally Ho! - first encounters often leave an almost invincible affection. Or his collaboration with B.J. Cole Stop the Panic - pedal-steel guitar mixed with Vibert's wacky charm makes for compulsive listening. But I'll be playing them while my too large accumulation of trance CDs remain neglected.

Your feelings?

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Really, Yoseph I'm sorry if I make you lush
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