Rhumboogie with the Andrews Sisters

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The Andrew Sisters are percolating silly pop. Not a problem for me: I like my pop music percolating, don't care if it is silly. And if one kind of music is my idea of ear candy it is girl harmony. The term girl group didn't exist back then but if the Boswell Sisters are the greatest girl group of all time then the Andrews Sisters have long been the best known.

When The Andrews Sisters Golden Greats arrived in the shop I had to wonder do I need more? I've had Their All-Time Greatest Hits for a few years. To that I've added the Chesterfield Broadcasts they did with Glenn Miller and Bing Crosby & the Andrews Sisters: Their Complete Recordings Together . Far more than enough even for most who like silly old traditional pop music.

The answer is no, I don't need it. What isn't on the two disc Greatest Hits is on the disc of their songs with Crosby (but not all of the latter). But if you'd like to have a good, comprehensive collection without buying more than one set it is a sensible buy. If you are careful you can buy Golden Greats cheaply. Then you can go from Rumboogie to the sisters and Crosby singing the Woody Woodpecker song.

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Rhumboogie with the Andrews Sisters
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