Saint Judy: is there a good Garland CD?

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As I type this I'm listening to a Judy Garland CD. I don't own anything by her. Unless I decide to keep this one (it is a budget disc without notes or performance dates).

When I watch an old movie with Garland I often feel very uncomfortable: her eyes seem to suggest she's might neurotic. Even when she sings happy songs. And mostly I don't like her singing. She's too hearty, belts out too much, I think the contemporary term is that she oversouls

Back when I used to buy lots of CDs and local Durham musician, John Howie, worked at a since vanished independent record store I'd buy anything John recommended. Thanks to him I discovered many old honky-tonk and rockabilly singers like Warren Smith.

Like me John had never cared much for Judy Garland but once when I was in he said someone had sold him a Garland CD that he really enjoyed. He never remembered to tell me the title.

There's a chance that some supremely knowledgeable and Garland fan will wander this way and suggest a CD. I'm not a fan of torch songs or strongly dramatic singing. I don't require improvisation but need for a traditional pop singer to swing (or be a supreme genius like Al Bowlly).

So which Garland CD would you say meets my criteria?

[Listening to: You Made Me Love You - Judy Garland - (3:13)]

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Saint Judy: is there a good Garland CD?.

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Saint Judy: is there a good Garland CD?
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