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Regina Belle's Lazy Afternoon CD

What I like best in a singer is a gift for bending notes. Jazz singers improvising wildly, especially in live performances tickle my spine. And my pleasure in gospel is mostly about the melisma.

Lazy Afternoon is the first Regina Belle CD I've heard. It is a blend of pop-jazz and pop-r&b. She's good at note bending. Unlike many gifted pop singers she doesn't destroy the effect by pushing her talent beyond the limits of good taste.

Not for the jazz fascist or funk purist but easily enjoyed by those of us who enjoy fresh workings of traditional pop singing.


‘Lazy Afternoon’ is simply DIVINE ! Regina is in top shape,like she has never been before.It’s her best album to date.We all know HOW she can sing emotions and passion..Great standards totally reinvented by a magnificent phrasing and smart vocals…If I Should lose you,with the only help of Georhe Duke’s piano,is terrific…I compared this version to that one by Nina Simone..Sorry for Simone,Belle is by far the best. Other highlights:FOR the Love of You,sung in celestial harmony with the Perri Sisters a cappella,a true gem;the title track,sooooooooooo sensual,Fly to the Moon,a masterpiece. She WILL get some GRAMMYS,not one,if the upcoming CD by Anita Baker will allow it….:-)

Whether you prefer Billie Holiday or Anita Baker or, like me,enjoy them equally,you’ll find in this stunning album something new,each time you listen to this CD,which has Grammy potentials. ‘Lazy Afernoon’ is a jouney into some straight-from-the heart Jazz/Soul music tinged with a shade of bubbling undercurrents. A well crafted album with great standards,supernatural vocals by a Lady in fantastic shape - we’ve been waiting for it,since ‘Passion’. The tracks’Lazy Afternoon’,’For the Love of You’,’The Man I love’,’Fly Me to The Moon’,’Corcovado’will mean as much as Regina Belle’s old time favourites such as ‘Baby Come to Me’,’So Many Tears’,’A Whole New World’(with Peabo Bryson),’What Goes Around’,’If I Could’,’Make it Like it Was’,which were the rage of the day at one point of time… It’s an INSTANT CLASSIC !! It grows on you..This is the kind if stuff that,once heard,will haunt you and your life !!

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Spend a lazy afternoon with Regina Belle
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