Suzanne Pittson: Resolution

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Suzanne Pittson

Considering the enthusiasm and money I once put into exploring jazz vocals I'm sometimes startled to realize how careless I am of trying to discover new jazz singers that give me pleasure. Money has become a limitation. Being co-owner of a used CD store is a partial fix.

But I've allowed too many jazz vocal CDs to sit unheard to, or listened to partially or only once. So I'm making an effort to treat what I get for free more attentively. Otherwise it'd be better to leave them in the shop to sell.

On first acquaintance Suzanne Pittson is a find voice to hear. She has fine vocal range, interesting shifts in tempo. On my first hearing I'm having trouble with some of the scatting. It seems like an effort to imitate rather than emulate a horn, sounds as though someone spliced the Mills Brothers in. But I have limited confidence in myself as a listener and often it is the second or fifth hearing when what the musician is accomplishing clarifies in the hidden part of my brain that governs my response to jazz singing.

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Suzanne Pittson: Resolution
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