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Funny the hidden effects we can bury in a word or gesture. In an online exchange a correspondent (damn, I’m getting too formal – I need a brain enema or something) used the word “tiger” in reference to me. It was a habitual closing, nothing personal. Charles off visiting, a little rum in the bloodstream I shifted into a faintly amorous mood.

Face it Tiger, you just hit the jackpot!

That was what Mary Jane* said to Peter Parker when she first met him in Amazing Spiderman #42. John Romita had replaced the vastly more gifted Steve Ditko as artist. Romita, a long time penciller of romance comic books knew how to draw pretty girls, sales soared.

Have you ever heard anybody called tiger? I haven’t. A tough sultry b-move blond - the kind whose bra seemed to have been designed by a specialist in suspension bridges - in something like the original Dragstrip Girl might’ve called her man du jour tiger. Stan Lee was trying to be hip. For many a funnybook loving kid that Splash panel with Mary Jane was a high point of their adolescence

A casually tossed off word, an old association, a shift of mood. I found myself thinking I’d like to put on a sexy CD. My inner eye looked at itself in surprise: a what?

Sexy CDs . . . which could mean crossdressers. Prince came to mind. I discovered him just as my sexuality returned from its long vacation: Have you ever wanted anyone, even boy or girl? Marc Almond, always for me, musical homoerotica noir.

As much as I enjoy jazz vocals, sexiness isn’t a quality I normally associate with jazz singing (and I’m to lazy to walk over to the shelves and look). I do mean sexiness, not sensuality. My inner ear harkens back to listening to June Christy, the last of the vocool singers. She readily evokes the ideas of sophisticated sexuality of the late 50’s – early 60’s. I had a real erotic crush on her voice for a few months. Vocool began with Anita O’Day, who singing often suggests good-humored carnal knowledge. Probably my third favorite female jazz singer, sexually she seems too tough and streetwise for a wimp like me.

I’m sure many a jazz fan would suggest Dinah Washington or Peggy Lee.

Can’t think of a male jazz singer. Not even Eckstine and Nat Cole. Insufficiently known Al Bowlly is my male singer of the tenderness of love, but never sex.

Armstrong, Fitzgerald, Vaughan: my favorite jazz singers. Each of them in their various ways evokes joy and awe, much of love, but nothing of sex as such.


And there’s Sade, a bit of vocool sneaking over to pop.


The jump blues guys never left you doubting what they’d be doing after the fish fry, for me their music is all celebratory, a perpetual party. Blues has mostly seemed about sexual pain to me. But Bessie Smith aside I’ve rarely listened to the blues

James Brown should be on my list but when he’s going on about “hot pants” I’m just synched to the rhythm. Same reason none of the funky groups on Mercury could fit into what my reverie required.

Of course that was my list for yesterday’s mood. And yours is doubtlessly very, very different.


Jeff Buckley, Jeff Buckley, Jeff Buckley.

Sexiest music I know.

You should indeed rewrite this thing to mention Neil Tennant! That voice is extraodrinarily sexy.

One day I hope to do justice to Tennant and Somerville and maybe Andy Bell but to date it has only been Marc Almond.

I’ll try.

Anything by enigma is sexy… Principles of Lust or Smell of Desire are best


stabbing westward….what do i have to do

filter/crystal method….trip like i do

anything portished

pedro the lion….rapture

over the rhine…..karen berquist lead vocals she is amazing….used to like sarah maclaughlin…otr is more amazing by far, deep, poetic, sexy….. i need to look in files…..

poe….hey pretty lamb….heaven frou frou….breathe the postal service….the district sleeps alone tonight,such great heights fiona apple….criminal,the 1st taste, many others

nin….closer (of course) deftones….cover of sade…no ordinary love mazzy star…fade into you muse…..hysteria,absolution beth orton….dice,daybreaker jem griffiths…(unreleased as of yet….”they”)

and most things played on woxy97x.com

hmm sexy music…i am gonna have to say

pj harvey~the dancer poe~spanish doll

You all are missing the most SEXY music that ois made…. think about it, or maybe u just haven’t heard this yet.. i think it’s about time

Lords Of Acid~ (anything is good… u can never make bad choice with this group when having sex, it’s perfect and all the cd’s u can just let play cuz it’s all good

Thrill Kill Kult is for the more adventurous with undeniable sexy grooves and lyrics.. my personal fav with a lot of musical variety, it conjurs up the dark desire in everyone, it’s music u’d hear in your deepest dream

Prince- U can never go wrong with the king

Rick James~ if u get down with tha FUNK baby, u’ll feel this in bed

I agree about Prince (Rogers Nelson) but Lord of Acid palls after awhile.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about What is sexy music?.

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What is sexy music?
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