Who Is This America?

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My only exposure to Afro-beat is a 2 CD collection of Fela Kuti. As an American funk fan this CD I find the music deeply satisfying. It is very funky. Depending on your perspective the lyrics are either anti-American or simply asking questions. While I don’t hate the country that I live in I’d rather here angry questioning than more jabber about “my baby” did or didn’t do this or that.

Who Is This America
Who is this America?

For me it is a strongly funky, highly entertaining CD.

This is deep funk Afrobeat, full of deep, fat horns, trancelike pumping bass, snaky guitars, and hypno-groove percussion. In addition to the orchestra, which numbers 14 pieces, the band adds another ten guests in various places and extrapolates its chunky, funky Afrobeat sound by grafting it onto Latin beats …
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The review smacks as much of an amateur’s pretention as anything else but it says it better than I could.

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Who Is This America?
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