Windows music players of the damned

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I'm having odd problems with the software I use to play CDs on my PC. I've kept Winamp 2.x around because it seemed less resource intensive than 3.x (haven't tried the latest release).

Her radio lover

A couple of days ago sound stopped coming out of my speakers while using Winamp 2. When I loaded 3 the sound came out fine. For a day. Since I run Windows XP I've got Windows Media Player.

WMP plays the latest Dianne Reeves CD fine. But when I put in the new Moorcheba best of it still thinks the Reeves CD is in the player. Since the first CD has fewer tracks it stops playing before the last track of the Moorcheba disc. I pop the player open and close it to see if that'll wake WMP up. No.

Recently I went to download the QuickTime plug-in and unwittingly wound up with all of iTunes, which is playing peachily. At least this morning.

Since I don't download music I can't blame some nasty RIAA Trojan.

If iTunes dies I guess I'll go see if there are any nice open source music players.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Windows music players of the damned.

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Windows music players of the damned
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