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I was thinking about mentioning a recent permutation of my sexuality and the phrase “it would be like having two penises” passed through my mind.

That was meant to say that it could be uncomfortably odd, disorienting.

Naturally I had to wonder what would it be like if two cocks sprouted between my thighs.

I guess if you found yourself wanting to go home with two nice looking guys there’d be something for each of them.

But what would masturbation be like?

Orgasms, even if caused only be the force of one hand stroking tend to be draining. If you are with a lover and aren’t a cad there’s lots of cuddling for a follow-up.

But if you were just stroking yourself what would it be like?

Would the neurological thrill of making one spurt leave you indifferent to the second cock?

Would you just go to sleep?

Or would you wait for biochemical recovery and then start working your second penis?

And get the second rush of pleasure all over again?

Really having two cocks unless the anatomical geometry were just right might interfere with screwing the other guy (or a girl).

What would having two penises be like for you?


uhm, I dont know.

Perhaps give one of the two, as a donation, to someone who was unfortunate enough to have lost his in a accident.



Hmm, it seens my e-mail is banned.

howdy, just discovered your blog(s), very interesting. Just had to comment on this old post because several times in the past I have dreamed I had two dicks. I remember the sensation - at the risk of being disappointingly obvious, it was just like having one, but doubled (sorry). It was very nice! It occured to me in at least one of these dreams, that it would be extremely awkward to have sex with more than one person… but I never got the chance to try.

Hmmm….Having one is so much fun, can’t imagine having two. Would it qualify as a double date?

I just watched a porn flick which featured a man with two penises. I was very aroused. I think I would like it very much if I met a man with two instead of one.

Your feelings?

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