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How could I forget, the personal ad graveyard. is strictly fetish. As I've recorded elsewhere it was partly on, looking at a guy in fishnet stockings, that I discovered that I could find transvestites appealing. Which ramified into including transsexuals, intersexuals and sexualities I've yet to encounter. Given a mind and a human body, fuck the details.'s BDSM listings seemed like a good idea at first. Their questionnaire makes easy to spell out the specifics of your fixations (and learn some obscure Latin).

Many people with exotic sexual appetites, particularly for submission and dominance are too ashamed to act them out. Most certainly straight people. Gay men in any good-sized city have leather bars they can go to.

Straight people who actualized their kinky sexuality go to munch groups. Little do you know that the bourgeois group at Golden Corral is talking about the subtleties of Japanese rope bondage and the proper tuning of a violet wand.

They are a boring bunch. After the munch meeting they hold play parties. It isn't hard to get into one if you aren't a fool.

Most personals are from men and women who are too timid to ever really do anything. Most accounts seem to be quickly abandoned. (Two caveats: this was a few years ago and I only looked at's North Carolina listings.)

I sent a transsexual too broke to pay for her transformation a note of sympathy, she replied thanking me.

Another Internet dead end.

Meeting guys online & via personal ads:

Didn't like bars. Atlanta personals, San Francisco personals, Intermission, Website as a personal, Yahoo clubs & personals, Hotmail personal ads, chatrooms.


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I have yet to come across anyone who found worked in any way, shape or form. I have come to the conclusion that it is a big fraud, where you can post an ad and pay for the ‘service’ but never get anything from it, paid or unpaid.

I guess a class action lawsuit is unlikely - too bad.


I recently encountered a sub who has success there. I think they became far more focused on tying to make the site work. But only for paying members.

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