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I do think that people often overvalue the orgasm. The best sexual experiences involve a good deal more than “Oh! Oh!” But that isn’t to say that I don’t value my orgasms.

Recently I found myself anorgasmic for three days. Determined to triumph I think I devoted more time to wanking than I did during my adolescence.

I brought out my most colorful erotic playlets, the most valued and appealing members of my masturbatory ensemble. No luck.

Time to crack the seal on some of my personal taboos I thought. Violate my own private prudery.

How about pre-op trannys. Damn, I just can’t. Transsexuals have told me that I’m foolishly inhibited about this. But my internalization of transsexuality is that she is a woman if only in the making. There is no penis even if one is physically present. That worked out well with Alex. Pity the ancient depictions of Hermaphroditus aren’t more arousing.

My limited acquaintance with transvestites allows no alternative.

Friends. There are friends you can wank about and those you cannot. What distinguishes the two? The latter consists of people in monogamous relationships and those for whom your erotic esteem involves more than easy lust. Oh, to Hell with that. But negating this small bit of private morality fails as well.

No single body, mind, heart, act worked. For a few moments I’d be fooled only to have crescendo become diminuendo.

Talk about irksome experiences.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Anorgasmic.

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Love and Lust
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