Are You Fixated on a Body Part?

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Gracie of Sex Kitten says:

Guys who say eyes are not telling the truth ~ yes, they may like them, but you aren’t thinking ‘fuckable’ because of them from across a room. Eyes fall into the ‘soul’ or ‘brain’ stuff, which is not ‘the meat parts’ I am covering here. Oh, and those that say ‘pussy’ are liars as well. You can’t spot it from across the room ~ and if you do, it is so rare, of course you fall for it!

So we have the top three categories of tits, ass, & legs.

Body Parts, The Series


No. No. No.

To focus just on woman. The eyes are supremely important. I really do fine an intelligent expression sexy. (And to be honest that doe-like wide-eyed look.) Intelligent and haughty is best.

Breasts, hips, etc. are swell in many permutations: slim and boyish, convex and ample. I’m sure there are many men with fixations, most famously on large breasts.

But Gracie shouldn’t assume that applies to the entire male gender.

Some gay men are obsessed with large cocks, with some strong feelings about whether or not they are circumcised. But not all of them.

There are probably women who must have a man with washboard abs.

People with exceptional bedding skills and a large pool of potential bedmates may hold out for some specified type. But most people are happy with anyone mildly amiable and attractive. Many for anyone who is simply available.

And then there are the men in prison.


I am a leg man. I love long, seemless, and powerful legs. Male or female.

For a very long time for me it was the butt. Probably because I liked anal bottoms so much.

Oh yes…the butt. I have a habit of anxiously waiting for hot guys to walk pass so I can sneak a peak at how their tail wags. I love when a guy with a nice ass wears khakis, it showcases everything perfectly.

Back when I thought I was strictly gay I often felt that it was because the female butt was too “large” and round.

When I finally awoke to my desire for women there was a very long stretch when buttocks was the place my eye would go first.

Don’t feel specialized at all anymore.

Your feelings?

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