Atypical Beauty

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For an abandoned minor project I was thinking of contemporary actresses I find alluring. Nowadays there are plenty of women who portray brainy, compassionate and attractive women. The day is long gone when it is assumed she needs a man to guide or protect her.

Then I turned my imagination to actors. That drew a blank.

I remember asking a friend if he found David Boreanaz sexy because I thought his celebrity was some sort of hoax. But it took me years to perceive why Brad Pitt is an ideal of male beauty. And the family Baldwin leaves me baffled.

But I can always recall ordinary looking guys I passed on the street years ago. Even some that by some sort of objective erotic aesthetic are homely. But there was something about their body language or a tiny detail that caught my eye.

So if you feel your surface appeal is pedestrian or that you are downright unattractive donít forget that some silent stranger may have crossed your path and felt pleasure.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Atypical Beauty.

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