Big cocks vs. big breasts

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Since the sexual purity test declared me 76.8% straight and 32.1% gay I can't but dismiss the test. A wholly gay boy I know who took it found himself 0% gay (although he may be a bit of a prude).

In calling myself pansexual I affirm that there is no arrangement of homo sapiens that I can't find sexually desirable regardless of the arrangement of their primary and secondary sexual attributes.

My gayness I won't relinquish for two reasons:

Women's bodies are based on curves. Beautiful as they are, as wonderful as their breasts can be my erotic sensibility doesn't experience the same joy in curves as it does in other things. (Which paranoid heterosexual women note: doesn't mean that I wouldn't be faithful and satisfied with a female lover.)

Mirable dictu, guys' bodies are cleanly linear. Nice, neat angles. More wonderful than a woman's breasts are men's cocks. Particularly a long handsome cock as Charles has.


See also: Choosing to call myself pansexual and Quiz Diva.

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Big cocks vs. big breasts
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