Choosing to be a hermaphrodite

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Iíve wanted to write my definitive celebration of nelly gay men, sissy bois, genderbent outlaws (thereís a lie, some are more conformist than a Republican congressman). Put it up on my website and shut up about it. Not that Iím going to write about daffodillies here. My mind wandered toward another sort of gender outlaw this afternoon: chicks with dicks, shemales.*

Iíve always assumed that any guy who is taking hormones, had womanly breasts molded into his body is a pre-op transsexual. Is someone who feels that his genetic fate has thwarted her psychic need. That anyone who winds up keeping both cock and tits is too poor to complete the transformation.

This afternoon it hit me that a small core must do so because they want to be a hermaphrodite. That needs to be narrowed further. In the world of paid sex no one can earn more a hermaphrodite hooker (given the right connections and self-possession). Pre-op transsexuals sometimes become chick-with-dick whores to pay for their surgery. For a few, the money must cause them to forgo sex reassignment surgery.

There must exist a small core for whom possessing both a womanís breasts and a phallus is a source of strong satisfaction. I canít help but wonder at the erotic imagery that would lead to becoming a classical hermaphrodite. Power? The potency of the penis merged with a bitch goddess? Melding opposites in one person?

My own sense of self varies from ungendered to mildly masculine. Iíve allowed the blurring or mixing of gender qualities to embody the transcendent. The old intellectual bad habit of letting the erotic fill the empty spot left by the nonexistence of the spiritual childhood leaves us foolishly hoping for.

Not that Iím that big a fool. Most androgynes are as pedestrian as the typical K-Mart shopper. It would be interesting to meet someone who had made the choice to be physiologically androgynous for aesthetic reasons and without a core need to act be treated like a woman (in a funnily out-of-date sense Ė but then Iíd still want to be the one who held the door open).

* Iím using the coarse terms deliberately.


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It was a quite mice read, your article. I thought it would be appropriate to mention that I’ve already made the decision you’ve mentioned in your writings, though in my case it is to make up for the gender definition surgery I recieved when I was very young. It could be said that I’m taking back that which I consider mine in as many aspects as I can.

Thanks for saying that. I’ve often worried that this page might give offense.

I am curious if it possible to keep the male member in reasignment surgery from male to female. (to go from male to hermaphrodite in status) I have heard it is possible ,yet have had no such luck confirming it.



Essentially you’ve described a pre-operative transsexual. You can have breast enhancement surgery, take estrogen (not sure how easy it would be to get), but not have the final SRS.

Actually I think you may have misunderstood my question.

Is it possible to have a surgery that would allow you to have both male and female genitals.

Going from a male to a hermaphrodite in the truest sense of the word.

thanks again,


No, I didn’t get your point at all, sorry.

MTF SRS uses penis nerve endings to create the vagina. In that sense you couldn’t create a feminine body part capable of giving you more than psychological pleasure.

On a more practical level probably no surgeon has developed techniques to locate a sealed opening between the penis and anus. So you might not be able to find someone able to perform such an operation. Nor one that is willing.

I think the kind of dual sexuality you are speaking of may not be possible until a saner time should it ever arrive.

Thank you for your quick response!

Another question?..if you don’t mind.

The scrotum could not be removed and used as the inner lining? I am trying to gather as much information as possible. You have been very helpful.

thanks again,


Sorry, you’ve gone beyond my capacity to even speculate. Only someone who really knows something about SRS could properly answer your question.

Would you have to supress testosterone to have a vagina as well as a penis? I guess my real question would be…. Could I have a vagina along with my penis without using female hormones or supressing my testosteron…Could I get a vagina “just for looks” and to please a male partener?

Maybe you should just get a “v-string” ( and wear it half the time, though why you would need to be a classical hermaphrodite to please a male partner I’ll never understand, plenty of intersex and non-intersex males and females do it just fine without surgery every day.

Im a preop TS (M2F, and My lover is a transgendered (M2F0 commonly termed a non-op or shemale, who also greatly desires to become a hermaphrodit by getting testicular reasscension an a sigmoid colon vaginoplasty, but leave her penis intact. I think there is an increasingly large demand for this kind of surgery and the techniques as I have described them already do exist- but I wish I could find a surgeon willing to perform them for her. Any help would be appreciated- Bethany

I had a friend [hermaphrodite] girl i met on the internet.I startted talking to her very frequently i felt in love with her after a few mo,ths of talking .the thing that botherd me was as in how bad she put herself down and people did toward her i think it’s very ignorant and disrespectfull to people with this situation.she used to tell me how bad she feelt at school how people would tease her and make fun of her i think i lost a good friend because of all this people.Ihavent heard from her in quite some time it worrys me .It left a big hole in my heart i think being an abused kid at younger age made me realize and understand this people . Now more older i wish to had had a girlfriend like that ,but that may never come trye.Everytime i look at a woman i wish why cant i have my dream girl A NICE HERMAPHRODITE GIRL I READ AND READ ,THEY PUT THEMSELFS DOWN SOO BAD BEING THAT THERES SOME OF US WHO WOULD DO ANYTHING TO MEET JUST THAT PERFECT WOMAN,ITS UNFAIR .Iam new with computers and all this but ever scence i got my computer .My only goal is to find that special person waittin to be found and treated like she shoul be i.i only find trash sites about porn ,men woman ,gay sites but nothing that u would like to see.where are all the ,or better yet is there a datting site for us admierers an real hermaphrodites not shemales or ts but real hermaphrodites who are just trying tofind someone to be with .Anyone who could help me on this one would make me very happy person i need to find someone i can make there life and mine a better one.A normal guy looking for happiness. my im address

I’m a (TS pre-op) woman, and would just like to mention that I am also very interested in having surgery as described in post 12, to become a hermaphrodite woman.

I’ve never heard of anyone having that sort of surgery. Can’t see why they shouldn’t but I don’t have the medical knowledge to judge.

There’d probably be resistance to it by doctors. SRS is very much geared toward the idea of becoming a “real” woman.

Is such surgery possible? If so, where?

I would like to meet and date to hermaphrodite woman to keep in good relationship. If she likes to go to outdoor activities, travel, visit to museums, movies, and more, please let her come to me. I do care for her and she must be very good care, warm, love, polite, shy, and cook. If you want to meet me and let’s get together. I’ll hear from you in next few days.

Enjoy your nice day.

This isn’t a dating website.

This page is a weak attempt to capture some of the unique choices that genderqueer people may be making in the 21st century.

i would also like to add my two cents…. although several years after the origional posting… i am a married male (100%) who is interested in having a colon vagioplasty and keep my penis intact. in this imaginary surgery i dont see why the surgeon couldnt just tuck my testicles inside my body, thus keeping my masculinity and then use the scrotum as the labia and my penis as an oversized clitoris. havnt found ANY other info on the web regarding this and it is disapointing. we should have choices. greg

i would also like to add my two centsÖ. although several years after the origional postingÖ i am a married male (100%) who is interested in having a colon vagioplasty and keep my penis intact. in this imaginary surgery i dont see why the surgeon couldnt just tuck my testicles inside my body, thus keeping my masculinity and then use the scrotum as the labia and my penis as an oversized clitoris. havnt found ANY other info on the web regarding this and it is disapointing. we should have choices. greg

HI I have the same feeling with my job I need to stand up to pee if I can’t do that I would loss my job with the knowlage they have now it should be simple to do an opperation like that and I think there would be a big demand for it meany girls I have talk to would like that maxine 54 year old tg

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