Circumsized vs. Uncircumsized

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From a comment I left elsewhere about cut vs. uncut cocks:

It was one of the last bits of sexuality to really strike me. I don’t recall having given it a lick of thought when I was young.

When I discovered that some people have a violent prejudice one way or the other I realized I’d never been with an uncircumcised guy. And that it is my preference (only in a small way, unlike Charlotte in Sex and the City I wouldn’t dump a guy because he was uncut.

Then again I like them narrow, even small. A very rare taste among gay men who usually think the more formidable looking the penis the better.

(From 2002. Republished because it has been getting traffic from Yahoo Answers.)

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i think uncut cocks are the hottest, it is a known fact that cicrumsion shortens penis’s and i believe it is much more attractive uncut

Speaking as a British person, I am used to uncut cocks. I have nothing against circumcised ones, but I have to say that I do notice a big difference in sensitivity… those who are circumcised have to have much firmer stimulation for a longer period of time in order to bring sensation to its peak. If I’m wanking a guy off, I notice the difference… my arm will be aching by the time I’ve satisfied the cut cock! I don’t mind - it’s just a little tiring sometimes! I find with uncircumcised men it’s easier to achieve orgasm through more considered, sensuous touching, rather than having to literally beat the meat.

Oh, and for the record: uncircumcised penises are in no way unhygenic. Everyone rolls back the foreskin to wash underneath. If you have some strange idea that they are in some way ‘dirty,’ blame your social conditioning. Do you also think that you’ll get hairy palms and go blind if you masturbate?

Hey im 20 years old and im not circumsized. Most girls that haven’t been with an uncircumsized guy may think its wierd because they aren’t use to it. Throughout my years ive asked girls that i’ve been with which they prefer and they all say the uncut ones…when i ask why some said “It feels like your wearing a cock-ring” so dont be embarassed just tell them the sex is better.

I’m 56. My folks were from the Italian quarter of Poughkeepsie and Dirt Farm Oklahoma. Circumcision was pretty much below the radar before WWII. But immediately after the war, it became quite the fashion in the US, and was recommended by the majority of family physicians (and almost all urban health organizations). Since then, it weaves in and out of fashion, but it’s still slightly more popular than leaving the kids intact. There were two basic post-war premises for recommending it. A) hygiene — the Armed Forces doctors were convinced that uncut cocks harbored more nasty VD germs than cut cocks. Logical, though I’ve never seen the statistics; and B) Doctor Spock, the pediatric Moses of the Boomer generation, encouraged parents to pay more attention to their children’s (especially males’) exploratory sexual play. And most of the parents didn’t handle it too well. Speaking from a wealth of first-hand (and both-hand) experience, I can tell you that foreskin is a ball for third graders. My brother and I (14 months my elder) used to hide things inside ours. His extended about a quarter inch beyond his glans, while mine stopped right at the tip. He used to put pennies in his, but my favorite was BBs. I could get about a dozen in there, and then let them fall out into the urinal the boy’s bathroom (the tall prcelain ones that echo so well), to the utter amazement of all my buds — who thought I was some kind of mutant. A few of my uncut high school friends actually beat the draft with there cocksleeves. Secret a small amount of confectioners suger under there, just behind the corona, and dribble a little into the urine specimen, and voila — instant diabetic. It didn’t even matter if they kept you overnight overnight and retested you to see if the readings were accurate, you could keep that sugar in place for a week if you wanted to. I’m convinced that the REAL reason so many parents had their sons whacked is because they thought that a foreskin would encourage self pleasuring (still called self-abuse back then). In fact, I agree with them — I’m sure it did, thank god. Foreskins do require a certain amount of excercise ( back and forth, back and forth ) to keep the opening (phimosis) pliable enough to pull back behind the glans. Otherwise it’s really hard to clean, and if it’s way tight, hard-ons can get really painful. Most uncut kids learn to skin it back every time they take a piss (and many more times just for fun). The hygiene issue is generally bogus. Keeping a foreskin clean does require a bit more diligence than a baldy, but that’s more of a treat than a downside. Unkempt ones, however, are usually colossal turn-offs, and give all us turtleneckers a bad name, so clean up, dammit. Some folks are just plain weirded out by their first confrontation with foreskin, but there are some creative ways to overcome their reluctance. A dab of chocolate syrup or strawberry jam tucked under there makes a pleasant surprize, and a jet of whipped cream makes a good demonstration of how flexible a foreskin can be. Smegma, on the other hand, is not only in poor taste (pun intended), but there is strong statistical evidence that smegma is a common vector for bacterial STDs like Chlamydia, and can pass on an infection during forplay, before the latex comes out. The downside is pretty well ouweighed by the upside, for me. I recommend against infant circumcision to all my acquaintances who are expecting little boys. Leaving the decision to the one in whose pants it lives is, I think, the most respectful course of action. My father decided to have himself circumcised at age thirty five — I never really understood why, but I suspect it was Mom’s toll for giving head. He said it felt like an amputation (real men didn’t take anesthetics), bled like a firehose, and ached for three weeks. Nowdays, the operation for teens and adults is a quick outpatient procedure, and rarely requires sutures. Recovery is fast and only mildly uncomfortable, and you usually get good drugs to cope with it. But for an infant, this is basically torture, no matter how it’s justified. In my dad’s time, it was actually believed that newborns could not feel pain. But even today, aneshetics are rarely given — obviously, a general would be stupid, but even locals are shunned — probably more out of paranoia than prudence. Even topical creams are seldom used, to avoid possible swelling. So it fucking hurts. There’s a LOT of tearing involved, because the opening is so small, and bleeding is controlled by simply crushing the flesh in a ring clamp — often overnight. I personally believe that this is an entire birth trauma all on its own — only partially ameliorated by a highly disorganized infantile memory. Aside from the pain, operating on such a diminutive target also results in the loss of a lot of very valuable, highly sensitive, and extremely pleasurable tissues. Portions (sometimes large portions) of the frenulum are cut away, and even though the site heals fairly quickly, scarring can reduce sensation even further. And that’s all before he leaves the hospital — to face a lifetime of desensitizing jock straps, blue jeans, and chlorinated pools. Why, I’ve got more sensation in my little finger …

So, wait till he’s hung, and then let him make up his own mind. I mean, the only good reason to do this would be for love, anyway.

My uncut pecker remains attached to my foreskin right under the urethra. It pisses me off because i cant roll the skin all the way back. I was thinking of snipping it, might hurt but it’ll heal. Bad idea?

I’m fixed that way myself but it hasn’t caused me any distress. Why not talk to a doctor, a plastic surgeon or phalloplasty expert first. Just taking a pair of scissors to your penis has to be more than a tiny bit unwise.

you know what it doesnt matter in my oppinion because if your gay or straight it shouldnt really matter a penis is a penis and if the sex is good then why should people complain.

i agree with the comment posted by theguy. i myself got the lil extra skin of the weiner chopped off when i was 10 or 11, voluntarily. don’t ask me why. the thing is that a few years later i regreted my decision in doing so, as i was often being ridiculed of having a baldy-cock when i was a teenager by my mainly uncircumsized friends. anyways, it did lead to lack of confidence when it comes to girls, because i didnt know how a girl would react a uncut cock. many of them were rather surprised when discovering my cock. thus my first sexual experiences were not the greatest, therefore it made me feel a lil ashamed of my weiner, because it got in the way of my sex life. now that i am almost 20 years of age and having a great relationship, both sexually and spiritually, for almost 3 years, i have finally regained or just gained more confidence thanks to this one girl that just didnt really seem to care about circumsised cocks or not. to all the prejudice girls out there, and the ones that didnt like my bald cock, f u all. peace

oh yea i wanted to add sumfin, so that y’all don’t think that i’m a complete loser. it is not that i am the ugliest guy or whatever (i’ve done sum modelling back in the days) and it’s not that i have a small cock (none of my girls have complained wit its size), which caused me to lose sum of my confidence and self esteem.

it is because that most girls i encountered had same prejudices, especially the really really hot ones (and no i’m not kidding).

just to clear things up in order to reduce confusion or further prejudices.

THE question i wish to ask:

—has anyone been rejected like me or has anyone rejected a bald cock?

—if so, how did u deal with it or give motives why u did it.

I thought the heterosexual female prejudice was in favor of uncircumcised: shows what I know.

Of course I probably got the impression from watching Sex & the City.

yeah, i don’t whats up wit the ladies these days. it’s still a mystery to me.

i am uncircumsized and i would wish to be really hurts my penis when i am having sexual intercourses with a girl.and i am really embarrassed about it… no offense. i sometimes dont tell a girl about it and just make love in the dark. i would like to find out how much it would cost if i wanted to get it snipped. and i would like to have a bigger penis and i think that i wouldnt be able to have a bigger penis because i cant even roll the skin back. someone please help me.

If it hurts then u might have a condition:frenulum breve. Its possible to get a small incision done with out having to cut all of your foreskin off. You should see a Urologist or your Doctor about it. But frankly, i’d rather have the small incision on the frenulum then chopping all of the skin off. It’ll probably cost less too. But anyway, look it up on the net “frenulum breve”, you find lots of information.

thanks for the response. i meant it hurts because it is impossible to roll it back. but how much do you think the average cost would be if i wanted to get circumsized? please let me know. thanks a llot.

God - or whatever higher power you care to have some faith in - created everything in and on our bodies for a purpose. The fact that we cannot fathom that purpose does not make it excusable - or wise - to simply rip it out or off. Tonsils have a function. That funky pair of ridges under your nose have a purpose. We come into this world with toenails for a reason. Likewise with foreskin.

If we, as a society, don’t recognize the need for those things, we need to do some more research - ignorance isn’t just cause for action. Arguments for circumsition seems to - in the hetro circles anyway - always fall back on religious or cultural biases that aren’t based upon any rational reasoning.

So until someone gives me a really good reason otherwise, I’m sticking with the equipment I was born with!

Re: Louie, July 27

I snipped my frenulum off to releieve a very tight one and so I could roll it back, and it didn’t hurt that much at all. A little bleeding for a while, but that clears up. No permanent damage and a big improvement.

well, im a girl. Love sex. And I had sex with an uncut penis a few weeks ago. I have to say, it was great. WE went at it for hours and the weird thing was that after all that, I wasnt sore. For the first time in years I actually organsmed. I think it is because the cut penis kinda rubs me raw and so I want to stop before I get even close. With the uncut penis, I was able to enjoy the sex, without any pain and we both got off. I have to say, it was incredible. Im still thinking about it. Anyway, so for you uncut boys out there. I just have to say, even though he kinda freaked me out at first (i had never seen as uncut dick before) it was great sex. You guys have something that a lot of people dont know about, and its amazing. I guess God did know what the he hell he was doing.

hi im 17 and uncut… and all guys know that a teenager and his right (or left) hand r a very good aquiantance becuz its very easy to yank it with out lube cuz the skin moves back n forth very easily. Ne way i’ve been having sex and forepaly with a certain girl and its only been in the dark i guess im a lil ashamed but can she tell even in the dark?

Cut and uncut men each have their advantages. A cut man can ram it up a tight ass with little harm or pain to his prick while putting the pain to the asshole he fucks. The only problem was finding assholes that were still decently tight or one willing to let the man ream his/her ass without whining about the pain or telling the man to stop it or take it easy. A whole dick can cum much quicker than a cut man while needing less stimulation. He can also get up some decent cheeze for those cocksuckers who enjoy submitting to the man by eating the cheeze off his dick. It feels so good to the man when a cocksucker sucks and licks the cheeze from under his foreskin and swallows it with his dick still in the his/her mouth. Circumcision is plainly mayhem against a helpless victim who will be damaged for life. Much ado is made against female circumcision while the cruel senseless butchering of innocent future men goes unabated. Male circumcision is every bit as bad as female circumcision. If there was less circumcision there would be less rape or at least less successful rapes due to the inability of the tender glans to take the harsh abuse that goes with the brutal penetration and thrusting needed to accomplish some rapes.

what the hell dudes?Why do u even care who is cut or not??Its just simple sex who everybody enjoys..and mostly its a drag for women , as they dont cum every its mainly the guys stop COMPLAINING...because either way ITS GOOD~

I just want to say that I had sex with an uncut guy for the first time. It was defiently the best that I have ever had! and it was in the dark so I didn’t even notice that he was uncut until the next time we had sex…

hi im 17 and im uncircumsized it seems my whole life i’ve been lead to know being uncircumsized is wrong and i’ve had sexual encounters and just pulls the skin back i dont really know how to approach a girl with this seeming that most girls my age would be freaked out

actually “pulling back” or “retraction” is a normal function of foreskin, practiced by even the most proudly foreskin-intact, those with frenulum breve and/or phimosis go to various lengths including daily manual stretching and even surgery to achieve retractable foreskin, the girls probably knew full well that you had your whole penis

different religions think it is better to cut cocks but i think that if god made you and you were born with a foreskin why would he want you to cut it off.??? answer me that!!! plus is it true uncircumzesed penises are smaller than cut one’s

circumsise is the best.the penis looks better and its mor is also better do do stuff with.and its way more cleaner.

I can’t belive why people get so defensive and start throwing around unsubstantiated stats about. Curcumcised cocks are smaller comments one: Well no they are not. I am circumcised and my cock is 21 cm. Over sensitive says another. Well no, I have fucking sessions of over 4 hours long, and it takes me ages to come. Almost every bottom I’ve made love to gets tired frankly or comes first. I have made love with uncut and cut - and frankly I don’t like the look of uncut, but that is about it. Cut or uncut, it doesn’t hinder either way. It is just down to the person.

I,m cut and cut with a lot of loose skin that permits skin rolling over my cock head! I masturbate daily or more so I love the feeling of the skin rolling over my cocok head.

Last week I was chatting with a gal who’s daughter was going to have a baby boy and told here daughter to leave him uncut! I was curious why! I asked and she said guys that get cut have shorter penis when erect! Hummm, I thought and told her that isn’t true and she remarked that the cut guys have no loose skin when hard!

Gees what did I know, I had loose skin and no restriction in length issue! So, then I started paying attention on a few webcam sites and looked at the cut guys and OMG, soo many have no loose skin!!! Then I wondered, is this a real problem? what kind of problem would it be? SO my next few masturbation sessions I paid particular attention to my sensations and the action the loose skin played! OMG, that loose skin was key to my satifaction and gawd can’t imagine the enjoyment of masturbation with out the loose skin rolling over my cocok head!! I have never needed lub and can masturbate for hours! Wow, what do the guys with tight skin do?? Gees, they must need a lot of lub and even with that, they still don’t get that feeling of the rolling skin over the cock head, oh shit they are fucked guys!!

One of the interesting issues with men cumming early is one selfish action of masturbating in their women, then the light came on, OMG sinse a women lubs before sex and not during, the poor guy, with out rolling skin, can start to hurt and subconsciously need to cum early and us with rolling skin can fuck much longer with out this thought!! This cumming early is subject of sexual abuse cases too.

So, being cut and being cut wrong is the issue!! I’m cut well and love to masturbate for hours and love long fuck session, however, I can see the thight cut guys have little possiblites of enjoying mastrubation and can actually be poor sexual partners!! OMG think about it!!!!

is it possible for a gurl not to no the guy shes with is uncut? even in light

Is it a fact that people who are cut can last longer in the bed V.S. the one who is uncut????

Can a male who has been uncut that is now cut answer this question from experience.

Asome… thats just what i wanted to hear. I am 19 and uncut…. My first time wasone night stand in highshcool… i dont think she even knew what a cock was “supposed” to look like and when i asked her about it she said it was supposed to look like that…… I lucked out there. Now that im in collage and the girls are plentiful they often (acually all the time) dont like the looks of it. They all had no copmlaints when it came to preformance. Reading this was a big boost of confadance… i think im gonna go on msn and make fun of the girls that have made fun of me for being uncut….. i am rubbing this site all in their faces.

circumsized or not,i prefer to remain
uncircumsized,women and girls now-a-days don’t give a crap about how the penis-looks,and like what my gf says to me,it’s not the size or looks that counts on a penis,it’s how you use it.and we both definitely know that i use it on her good.

hey i’m gay male. now my boyfriend has an uncut penis and i’m cut. what i wanted to know is sometime when i look at my boyfriends uncut penis when it is soft it looks so long but when i look at mine when it is soft it looks like stubby. but when we are both hard mine is so longer than his. so what i want to know are uncut penises longer than cut or is just a visual thing. even when i look at some of the porno movies the uncut penises just look so long.


I loved circumsized cock way better there such a turn off wen the uncircumsized!

I absolutly love being an uncut male. I’m 29 and can’t imagine having such a wonderfull part of my penis cut away. I consider myself a very luckey man. I even made a wesite to show off my penis (as well as the rest of me). Just for fun and pleasure.

i am uncut and you know what i have never in my life ever had a girl say that she did not get off on my uncut dick i live in united states and i have been with very good looking girls and every one that has been with me has been with a cut man and they like me better and say that mine looks better and feels better so i really dont car or mabey that i know what i am doing when i have sex and not men do or it is because i have a big dick all i know is that i agree with the girl on statement 18 because i am uncut and god had a reson for that so if he did then why cut it off would you cut off your ears if sombody told you too.

Your facts listed in here are useless

uncut is a diasease risk

f u all who say cut sux

almost 95% of the guys i know are cut and, the girls all talk about who isnt cut and how its wierd…im thinking about getting cut at 17 and im just wondering whats the recovery time and if anyone has got this done .

man some of you are dum, its true a cut is smaller, you should actually read some statisitcs

Blah, blah, blah, every man in here was born with foreskin. Aren’t you just so ashamed to have had this freakish birth defect that somehow manages to give you a small penis. Just don’t tell anyone you had foreskin at one time and maybe they won’t suspect, if you look smaller than all these imaginary men who were born without the shameful burden of a full male anatomy then you can just say its because of the cold. You poor misfits, hopefully having it removed has given you some semblance of a normal life. Just remember guys, foreskin was invented by the Goddess to punish men with all of horrifying diseases it attracts like the black plaugue and leprosy, so we must either be cut or die because washing is an unpardonable sin.


Jeez, are you just typing in on-topic keywords with no particular sentence structure in mind? Take off caps-lock and take a deep breath. Wow.

ok well im 16, uncut and i have a gurl friend thats whats to have sex. but im a virgin because i am uncut and i dont know how girls will react to it. so can any uncut guys help me out and tell me what to do about my girl friend and masterbation because i have no clue.

No one can get inside her head for you and tell you wheather she prefers cut or intact but if intact is what you’ve got, then intact is what you’ve got; unless you plan to go get cut for this girl who may or may not like them better that way. As for masturbation: you grip your penis and move your hand up and down.

im uncut n my skin doesnt go all the way over my cock.. it used to but not nemore i dunno y does beatin off have nethin to do wit it

No it doesn’t, you can stretch it out (do a google search on foreskin stretching for instructions) if that doesn’t work you can see a dermatologist and/or get you frenulum snipped (if it is the frenulum thats tight), or leave it alone.

I am cut, i was circumsized when i was about 6. I am very nerveous about showing my cock. I will try and get out of the way if the boys are having a shower! (because i am circumsized and they are not) I am 16 and i am nerveous when around girls or if i am drunk as i might show my pnis an will be laughed at! can some one help me please! thank you

My dad and older brother are cut but it was not until the first week in junior high gym that I saw that most guys were cut – I tried keeping my skin back so I would look like them, but it would never stay back for any period of time, I even tried rubber bands, but it would always slip down. Then I realized there were a few other uncut guys around and I wanted them to see I was uncut too so they would not think they were the only ones still with a foreskin. I also realized I prefer having the skin than not having it, so I never wanted to be cut. Most of the time I was around cut guys, and if they were looking I would sometimes have the skin halfway pulled back (where it looked like an acorn) so they could see that I had a head just like theirs, I always thought that once cut guys leaned about circumcision they would be curious and I was in a position to satisfy that curiosity! I have never felt anything negative from guys or girls that I have been with and in a way consider the foreskin an asset, at least it starts a conversation.

my girlfriend is always wanting to see my uncut cock…i havent told her it wasnt cut..and she hasnt seen it yet…im 18 years old….i just dont know wat to do…its not all that big either, but i hate to keep backing away wenever she wants it. I need some quick tips to overcome my fear of showing her. if i cut the foreskin off is it really dangerous?…if not will my penis start growing very fast?….plz comment back i need some help

hey my girl has been askin to see my uncut cock for a long time now….im 18 years old…my penis isnt very big….and i hate backing away wen she wants it…is there some way i could cut it so i wont bleed to death or give me some tips plz! i really want to cut the foreskin off but i dont have the heart to and im afraid….wen i start to bring the skin back it hurts alot wen i reach the head….i really wanna get over this fear…is cutting the foreskin off with scissors a risky thing to do? and if i did do it would my penis start growing? because i dont think my penis has grown since ive been boring. its so freakin embarrasing…plz gimme some tips to overcome my fear

“hey my girl has been askin to see my uncut cock for a long time now….im 18 years old…my penis isnt very big….and i hate backing away wen she wants it…is there some way i could cut it so i wont bleed to death or give me some tips plz!”

She’s still probably going to want to see it even if you get cut.

” really want to cut the foreskin off but i dont have the heart to and im afraid….wen i start to bring the skin back it hurts alot wen i reach the head….i really wanna get over this fear…”

You’re supposed to fear having you’re genitals cut, its a healthy animal instinct like fear of being burned

“and if i did do it would my penis start growing?” No

Well I actually been thinking about getting mine cut, I am very happy with my size its just about 8inches. Yeah some girls only like cut dicks, and some are curious about uncut. I sure would hate to get it cut and loose some of my size I am 28yr old, and all the girls I been with have never really complaint about the skin, nor does it smell bad, either. I have some pics if u want to see it I have a yahoo screen name is MEXDKLOOKING@ YAHOO.COM, or if u have yahoo messenger u can see it there too, I would like to hear from girls or guys about this topic, and if any one has ever had it cut when they were older. thanks

My doctor screwed my cock up when i was born, it has curves and a bubble on the end. If i had had a choice i would have never gotten it chopped. Because of this i am still a virgin. My last girlfriend laughed at me when i took my pants off and i have not seen her since. So my only way of getting some is with my own hand. Please help me….. with suggestions on how to pick up women with a bubble on my cock.

i just got married at the age of 21… i know you are wondering why i am telling you this on a website about dicks. we waited to have sex. he told me about how he is not circumcised and this only made me more interested. most girls like myself are just more familiar with cut therefore they’re more comfortable with it. you see, unlike most who will stick it anywhere or get stuck by anyone, there are actually still quite a few people who hesitate when it comes to trying new things, such as a penis unlike any they’ve seen. even though we decided not to have sex until the honeymoon (a route that neither of us tried before in our past relationships) he made me feel comfortable. for those who are uncut… trust me, competition with the cut guys is nothing… they obviously didnt keep me around begging for more. sex with my husband is awesome. and its not because i’m partial. before i would have sex until 7 in the morning with only 1 orgasm but with him, he’ll put me in any position and i’ll go! i’m serious and he’s got me sleeping like a baby long before 7. just be confident in what you have and dont let the “ones who wont try new things in bed” make you feel weird… cuz they are the ones missing out on all the action.

wow… i never knew a site like this existed… i’m a female college student in NC, and i have had little experience with guys, i’ve only really known guys who were cut. i guess i m naive enough to say, i never knew there was another kind… needless to say, i got a shock. recently, i became involved with an awesome guy. we got all romantical, and then he suddenly asked me if i had ever been with an uncircumsized guy before. i wasn’t sure what he meant, but i soon found out. from what i can tell, it didn’t take much for me to get him off… previous experience with cut guys… took forever. i have yet to find out what it is really like in the sack, but maybe i’ll be able to post it, when i do find out. i do know however, that having sex with cut guys gets painful, and sore, and the soreness can last for days, so, if everything up here is true, then perhaps i can finally put an end to the soreness. that would be a relief.

im amlost 16 and ive done some stuff with chicks. enough for 2 of them to know im uncut. They have made some remarks saying its odd but they never cared. in health class they will show an uncut dick and all the girls get all grossed out and im just like sitting there going along with it. i feel really embarrassed about it and i feel like im the wierd kid because of it. Also im embarrassed about locker room situations too because I know im the only one there uncut. I dont know if I would do surgery because I would be beyond embarrassed to talk to my parents about it. Any suggestions?

When I was a young boy i thought that i was like the rest of the people, but when i saw another person’s penis i noticed mine was uncut… i had no confidence back then trying to hide that i was uncut saying i was cut… now i am 17 years old… and my girlfriend now prefer’s uncircumsized penis’s… now my sexual pleasure has been the best…

infact… it makes my penis look bigger.. making it 6.7 inches

oh if any hot girl reads this… i can show you my penis of me naked… respond…

It is kinda of neat hearing what the females think. When dating my wife I remember asking her if she minded that I was not cut, she said “not at all, it is a part of you and I love you!”. She had never been with an uncut guy either.


I just had sex w/ an uncut guy. he was so much bigger around than any cut guy i’ve been with. It felt great cause it was really tight inside me. plus, when i gave him a handjob, it was way easier! I didn’t have to worry about lubing him or my hands up or anything! Uncut cocks r soo hot!

i am a married 23 year old, in the u.s., i have only been with cut men, but have seen uncut. sorry, cut is just more attractive, much better for a blowjob. but some women dont really care. its stupid for anyone to get all upset over what one person prefers. some prefer blondes, some dont. BUT, being uncut, really dont make it feel bigger, its only soft skin. not hard cock. so it really dont feel bigger.

uncut is better i once thot of getting snipped but i liked the feeling i can cum faster and being uncut protects ur dick head

Um…it might be too late to post but i have something to say. I was thinking y don’t i enjoy uncircumsized men…the ones i’ve been with I can’t or it’s just hard to give them a blow job. I don’t think these guys were dirty either they showered everyday. Unless they just didn’t clean that area? But i never enocontered a uncut penis that tasted good. Although, I think uncut penis’s might have the better edge at actual sex because a circumsized penis is more dry. Unless u use a lot of lubrication? I never had actual sex (virgin i am) before but I noticed from dry sex..and almost having sex.

im uncut and if the girl is jerking me and my frulum is hurtin what shuld i do if they do it to hard like pull it to far back

when foreskin is retracted over the glans for the first few times is it true that it takes time for the glans to get used to be out of the foreskin and may take weeks to get an erection

Hello, I figure this is the last time I’ll ever even post on something like this. Personally, I really could care less if I was with a man who was ‘cut’ or ‘uncut’. For all you men out there, yes I am female, may I suggest you get over your dicks for just a few minutes here, and rather instead of feeling uncomfortable with them, accept yourself for who you are. Whether your cut or not, shouldn’t matter in the least, and if people are oh so moronic to actually care about whether a man has a particular type of penis, then you should go tell them all to go fuck themselves or something. Sure, say that sex is great and everything with this and that and the what not but really. One is not better than the other, everyone has their own preferences, and I think the strongest thing you have to realise about this, is that no person is better than the other, no matter what God you believe in, what colour your skin is, your sexuality, and especially whether or not you have an uncut, or cut cock.

I hope you all read that and actually took it into consideration, and for future reference the girls on Sex & the City are commonly used stereotypes which personally I think lower my intelligence.

And if you all didn’t realise that we’re all just people before, and now you do after reading this, I hope you realise that you learnt this from a 15-year old girl who is indeed, a virgin. =)


i am circumsized and girls love it simple as that

I think circumcised one is cleaner, healhtier and more attractive… Uncircumcised ones look weird…sorry guys this is what I think, and some girls I met..

They mentioned about the advantage of circumcised dicks in Sex & The City…….

I have an uncut penis. I have never been able to retract the foreskin behind the head. I am 23 years old and havent had any infection with not being able to “retract and clean”. But with some stretching exercises, i can see some improvement and maybe within a few months, i will be able to retract my foreskin. but i’m worried about the sensitivity of the head. can anyone tell me how long it takes for the head to adjust????

Whoo, guys…. Look, if you can’t pull your uncut foreskin over the head of your knob, for goodness sake go and see a doctor. There is a very common minor deformation of the penis which means that the hole in the end of the foreskin is just too small. This is corrected by surgically enlarging it a bit, and should be picked up soon after birth but can be done any time. My son was done at about 8 weeks and they did, BTW use an anaesthetic. There’s no bleeding, as they just snip the side where there’s no blood supply, and no stitching. (Didn’t stop him pissing all over the surgeon though…..) It does not mean you’re a freak— I seem to recall (it was a while ago) the surgeon saying that about ten percent of men have this. So, if you’re one, please don’t suffer in silence or think you’re weird.

I had this myself and was sorted by my first girlfriend doing enthusiastic cowgirl….Man, that hurt. But it was all better in time for a rematch that night. (Thanks S**. I’ll never forget you.)And it’s been fine ever since, ta.

I guess most foreskins are a little tight to begin with, but since everyone is stretching them, there’s no problem. Sometimes after enthusiastic wanking or sex they get stuck rolled up behind the helmet rim, but if this happens just lubricate your dick with saliva and ease it over once the hard-on subsides. (Even better, get your partner to do it.) And you cut men— well, I have to tell you you’re missing out on your partner putting his/her finger (or tongue for the orally nimble) inside and swashing around like washing machine. Yummy.

Why is all this stuff about men’s bodies still such a mystery? R

As a British man I have no issue with the uncircumcised penis, aferall, that is the way we all come into the world. I personally feel that the trend for circumcision seems to be for either religious or social conditioning reasons and certainly not for cleanliness. That may well have been a consideration in the past, but in modern western societies, washing is generally a frequent event. There is also the fact that it is effectively infant genital mutilation, no matter how you dress it up! The foreskin is there for a reason, it increases sensation to the glans as the skin protects it, erm pehaps that is why it is there in the first place, don’t you all think?

Well, I’m glad that my genitals weren’t mutilated by a barbaric practice and so pleased that in Glasgow as in the rest of the UK, it only happens for medical or religious reasons. Again I am thankful that my family did not follow religion or more importantly one which promotes such a thing, (no offence meant to Jewish or Islamic men, but I understand these to be the largest world religions where the practice is pretty much mandatory). Enjoy your foreskin guys (if you have one) and my hearts go out to all those who experienced genital mutilation as babies or young boys.

Yeah, some people “don’t care” but run around the web to read about them so they can say how glad they are the way they are. Not that they had anything to do with it. Or that they’d be any less happy if they’d been the other way.

I’ve been with plenty of both kinds of guys. Both are fine.

Anybody who cares probably doesn’t know how to enjoy sex or he wouldn’t be giving it a second thought.

hi my name is mike i’m from south africa, im uncut-and sick to fucking death of chicks always dishing out the fucking comments of how unclean or its un satisfactory etc.. to be so dis advantaged to be a guy like me

now as you can see their are a few men with this so called dis advantage. some people can say they’re happy with what they have etc. but i havent met one chick who’s all up for it, so i think i’m just gonna go get cut, geez i’ve probably never gonna have to be so embarresed but hey, ur born u live a few yrs and die.. pls e-mail me at thx mk

Sex with my GF is great, I’m uncut and can come whenever I feel like it, the feeling of both of us reaching orgasm at the same time is unbelievable, I’m not sure how much control a cut guy would have…

As for my other partners, no complaints, they’ve loved the sex and you uncut blokes out there shouldn’t feel ashamed at all, remember, it’s how you use it that is most important =)

I am intact/uncut/uncircumcised and girls do not care. Many do not even realize. I live in the US and am super good looking. I have dated beautiful women who are just interested in learning about the foreskin. When I was in college, my girlfriend’s sorority loved my natural penis. Every year they would have their pledges come and touch and look at my penis before initiation. Some will like- others will not.

I’m a fan of circumsized. Huge fan actually, I tend not to feel as much from sex with an uncut guy because there isn’t the right kind of friction for me, and honestly, the taste is much different from a guy who isn’t, because it does make it harder for them to keep clean.

I like the crispness of a cut cock, it makes my tongue happy. If I ever have a boy I would probably want him to be circumsized, although I’m not sure how I could explain that to the father if he was uncut.

Also- Recent studies on the spread of AIDS have shown that it can make a huge difference, and apparently men are lining up in droves to get the procedure done to reduce their risk

I find this discussion frankly baffling. Never did i imagine that such an issue could cause so much heated debate. Cut or uncut - does it matter? To be honest, i can’t even tell the difference simply by looking - although i do know my b/f is uncut (i am a woman btw). I agree with my fellow Brit that it is genital mutilation at the end of the day. Women shouldn’t go around casually blabbing “cut is sooo much better”. If you prefer cut then that’s fine, but that is your opinion, it is NOT a matter of fact. And to the south african guy-please don’t get circumsized; you are a grown man -you don’t need it. If nature endows you with foreskin, then you need a damn good reason to know better. Men have got enough hang-ups about their dicks as it is, for god’s sake, let’s not make it even worse…

It is beautiful being uncut. It’s meant as mechanical lubricant. You can jack it without lotion. Sure, it looks odd when its soft, but if you’re having sex with a soft penis, there are “bigger” concerns than if it looks purty.

I have noticed for years that nearly all gay men are quite warm to the foreskin.

In western countries, the vast majority of women grow up with uncut brothers and BFs, and expect men to have short arms covered with long sleeves. It’s simply what Nature ordered.

What do women in the USA think of uncut johnson? I submit that their opinions fall into four broad categories:

  1. The foreskin is so gross that I will not be intimate with a man who has one.

  2. I prefer cut, but will humour uncut. Having foreskin is not a reason to dismiss a man out of hand.

  3. Either way is fine by me. OR My sexual activities have been such that I have yet to notice that masculine detail.

  4. I prefer uncut. This category includes women who say that intimacy with an uncut was a turning point in their life journey of sexual self-discovery. Here is a case in point I found today on a mother’s blog:

“I’m sorry, but I have to get a bit personal here. When I was a teenager, all my boyfriends were circumcised, except one. The one who wasn’t had to constantly remind me to, “be gentle” and “softer”. I was used to having to be rather “vigorous” by comparison with the boyfriends who were circumcised. So when it came to the uncircumcised one, I was really perplexed. I thought it was really weird how soft he wanted me to be with him. I was amazed at the lack of movement and action it require to accomplish the “desired outcome” of our “interactions”.

After much adult reflection on this topic, I finally got it: HE COULD FEEL.”

I have received a number of PMs from intactivist women, sharing with me their personal experiences in a similar spirit.

Like the Rothschilds financing both sides when England and Napolean had their war.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Circumsized vs. Uncircumsized.

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