Cottaging (UK style)

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Discovering the relative acceptance of cottaging among UK gay men was a real surprise to me. I think it hit me in The Swimming-pool Library where the narrator stopped into a public piss-stop to have sex as casually as he the average American buys a Big Mac.

Then I remembered that both Alan Turing* and Joe Meek's careers ended in English public lavatories. More recently in an English gay movie whose title escapes me a very sweet boy stops off regularly to give men blowjobs at the local public loo.

In movies and fiction at least British gay men meet there, start dating, sometimes even fall in love.

When I was just out in Savannah, GA I remember a man who hung out in the bathroom at J.C. Penny's. It shocked my young virgin self. By my time it was something only creepy old men did. I've had plenty of friends who've chased cheap sex wherever it was handy but none have ever shared their public toilet stories should they have any.

Cruising for Sex has reviews of public restrooms around the country. There's one not far from my house that got a glowing review. Depending on your point of view I've used it at the wrong or right hours.

Can't think of any reason why we shouldn't do it in the road but the Sears bathroom seems a disturbing venue.

Inspired by a somber story of Honeytom's.

* Looks like I was misremembering, Turning's sexuality wasn't exposed by cottaging.

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Hi, found your site via

Anyway, just a quick post:

A great location in New Orleans, more precisely – River Ridge is a Coffee Shop called “The Coffee Cottage”; the restrooms are clean, large and spacious. I have not yet had a chance to try them out except for their intended use, but you never know!

I’m not sure the average UK gay man is that accepting of cottaging. The desperate (in terms of geographical location or addiction to sex) and the shy seem to be the typical patrons, regardless of their age. But the younger generation, in these liberated times, prefer bars and clubs. As far as I’m aware, none of my friends cottage. It’s still frowned upon by the overwhelming majority of gay men.

And most Brits associate cottaging with the US - but that’s purely the fault of George Michael!

It can be ratherr fun….hence the crowds at the rest areas that have no rest rooms but have plenty of wooded areas around them.

You are bolder than I thought.

Hi, as a gay UK guy who has regular sex I can actually say that cottaging is a common practice that I partake in, and know quite a few of my friends do likewise. I also have regular anonymous sex in a lay by/rest stop area during my lunch break. There always action going on.

So we Brits will continue to deny doing such things in public toilets or rest areas… whilest all the time using them. I love my Lunch break blowjobs!!!!

The film your on about is Get Real. Ever been to Durham, England, plenty off fun there in Shopping Mall toilets, students, horny lads and dirty old men. Use to visit the Green Market toilets till they filled in the holes, do you know ofany other busy toilets, in Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland, Middlesborough areas, always lokking for more fun.

I enjoy cottaging in the rural south known as Wales UK. There are many pictureque WCs filled with accomodating fellows.

I just love the cock!

My grandfather would have been into cottaging 1920-1960 in the UK. I never knew him because he killed himself before I was born. My mother only felt free to talk about him once her mother died a few years ago.

Because of the times he lived in and the miserable home life I suppose he would have had a very negative view of himself and his sexuality.

I know no one likes to think of their grandad getting down to the nitty gritty but, from the kinds of books that he liked, I think he must have been quite a romantic man.

Can cottaging be romantic? Has any one got any suggested reading on the subject of gay ‘courtship’ at that time?

I have been doing cottaging ever since i discovered it at a young age by accident.

After that i always enjoyed the thrill of anonymous sex with strange men in toilets.

It is the seedy side of it that turns me on, and as a young boy i was very popular in there with the older men which led on to me going to some of their houses for hard group sex.

Even the thought of cottaging really turns me on and i love thinking about my younger days.

Like “Wrench” I discovered cottaging by accident at a young age, although I didn’t know that was what it was called till later. When I was first approached in a public toilet I was so shocked that I just ran. During the next few days I found myself becoming more and more excited each time I thought about what had happened, and I did think about it quite a lot.
It took some time for me to pluck up the courage to visit those toilets again. Nothing happened on that visit but something drew me back several times during the next few weeks. Then it happened. He said he had seen me come in and wanted to meet me. Then he asked if I would like to “come for a ride in his car” so that we could talk in private. I was so nervous that I was shaking but he was so gentle with me. Ever since then public toilets have had a fascination for me. The more seedy and graffitti covered, the better.

Any in the St.Helens area?

I was just wondering if anyone wanted to write to me and we can exchange stories about our cottaging days.

If so please feel free to contact me at

Isn’t it strange how we discover ‘cottaging’, I to was unware of what it was called, niavely I thought it was something that I had invented and enjoyed. The excitement of watching someone, without their knowledge (yeah right) was what first drew me back time after time (song).

I remember the first time that someone beconed me to put my cock throught he peephole between stalls, the toilet was full of people waiting to use the stall, yet here was this guy wanting my cock. Nervously I placed the head of my cock to the hole whilst I saw his toungue dart thorough and flick the end of my rock hard cock. I was then seduced into pushing further though the hole (which was difficult as I am rather proud of my quite thick shaft and mushroom head) the feeling was electric, the people on the otherside of the door where unimportant and I didn’t care. Having released my fluid down the back of this strangers throat I withdrew, cleaned up and quickly made my exit from the toilet. WOW, That was my first exposure to cottaging - Since then I have never looked back and always feel excited with anticipation of a hard cock through a hole and the taste of a mans cum.

Just writing this has given me a desire to visit one of my fav holes, its a bit of a group thing.

Suck ya Later…………….

It may be a thrill to some, but then again, it’s a nice way to degrade one’s self, and perhaps, pick up a nice disease at the same time….

I just love cottaging!

I am a 56 yr. old man who spent most of my life denying my sexuality. Then after my cat died I became depressed, so I began to walk along the bank of a nearby canal in South Wales. On one occasion I stopped to use the local toilet & was approached by a handsome young man. At first I was nervous, but now I visit quite often. I feel liberated, for the first time in my life I feel alive. I can`t wait to shower at work to watch my colleagues especially a young dark haired lad of whom I fantasize each & every day. N.R. West Glam.

First I have heared of Cottaging, could anyone give me a list or is there one, where these places are, love to know

I am 62 years of age. I was seduced into cottaging at the age of 15 by two older men who stood on either side of me as I had a piss in the public toilet. One reached across and held my limp cock and the feeling was dynamite. my cock hardened and soon he was wanking me off. (I had been an addicted wanker since 12)This was the first time another man had wanked me and I was delirious with pleasure. The guy on the other side put his hand down my trousers and groped my bum. I was hooked for the rest of my life. I love going to toilets and sucking cock and having cum shoot in my mouth. I do it with all ages and sizes and still can’t get enough. I also like guys pissing in my mouth and drinking it. Bit a good fuck, taking and giving, in public toilets is just sheer heaven. You may think that I am just a dirty old man, but I don’tthink so. I am grateful to those two older men who initiated me and introduced me to a life of pure lust and pleasure. Any other guys out ther like me. let us hear from you.

Now let me tell you what happened next in my life. Yes, it is true that the type of activities I was ensnared into tightenens around your life until you become a slave to it. I tried everything to get out of it but couldn’t. Then on 9th March 1998, after 3 or 4 years of mental torment and abstinence from my activities, I was heavily convicted before my God and accepted Jesus Christ as my saviour. Yes, my acctivities brought great bodily pleasure but dragged me down into the gutter of sin. I am now free of my bondage, no desires that I can’t control with His help and happy not only for the rest of my life but for eternity. Guys this is the only way to be made free. Whom God frees is free indeed. I trust that this will be permitted to be shown on this website. If a sinner like me can be saved, so can you.

when ever i go into public toilets, I always check for graffiti on the doors of the cubicles. if there is some i always pretend to have a shit, but drop my pants and wank. it makes me so hard I almost get delerious and the fantasies stay with me for ages. Ive never met a men in there but one day….

i regularly visit public toilets and ohh what a joy! fabulous! im a 24 y/o student with a love of being shat on. i just LOVE when a guy comes down my throat then shits in my mouth, UTTER HEAVEN DARLING. i have a regular spot which is my favourite and can barely contain my lust when i see a throbbin head poke thru longing to be sucked. never more so than when i can hear the heaving of a sexy guy taking a big..fat..dump

Wow the shit in the mouth stuff is pretty gross really. I’m a married guy who loves to suck dick in the john. It’s a pretty popular thing in Australia. we call them beats Recently while I was having a slash at the urinal a guy walked past me and into the cubicle perpendicular to me and when I looked towards the door there was this beautiful hard cock pushing through the hole in the cubicle door. I couldn’t resist licking the head and then taking the lovely veiny pale hard but soft skinned shaft into my mouth and down my throat. The bloke didn’t want to come out of the place, or let me see him apart from his poking out cock. I’ve got a hard on now thinking about him.

i was reading some of the stories. i got in to toilet sex at an early age 15 where i watched 1 man having anal sex with another it scared me at first then i went back a couple of days later and stood at the urinals untill a bloke about 50 stood next to me after a while i could see his hand moving out of the corner of my eye i looked down at his cock and mine went stiff as a piece of iron i had butterflys in my stomach and a weired feeling he reached over to fondle my cock he started to wank me off i lasted about 30sec then shot my wad every where. from that moment i was hooked toilets or woods or layby i park my truck and wait for some man to cone over to me the dirtier the sex the better

i love sex in toilets in cambridgeshire uk i love to dress in my stockings suspenders n thigh boots then i wait for someone to stand at the urinals for a time when i am shore i go out of the cubicle so thay see me thay allways follow me to another cubicle then i suck them and hopefully get fucked but allways get them to come in my mouth. i once came across 4 men wanking at urinals at toilets near littleport on a 10 i sucked all thair cocks one at a time as the rest watched. any one in this area want to meet

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Cottaging (UK style).

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