Cuddle Parties?

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As the BDSM folk might put it this really squicks me.

I love touching my lovers. My friends as well but that somehow vanished long ago.

For me kissing, stroking, snuggling is far more intimate that merely penetrating a pretty pair of buns.

The image of kind but chaste sweetness with some stranger is, um well, how to put it, well, revolting.

Copulate with a stranger, fine. But strict tenderness and intimacy with someone unknown, no.

Just seems like another example of 21st century American weakness to me. No charm, no appeal.

But then Cuddle Parties aren’t supposed to be sexy. In fact, rule #2 explicitly forbids sex, rule #1 states that pajamas must stay on at all times, and rule #7 disallows dry humping. Kissing and stroking are allowed, but only with permission. According to the official Cuddle Party web site … the goal of a good Cuddle Party is to be a free-for-all “affectionate play event for adults, designed to provide a space to explore and enjoy touch, nurturing, and communication.”

Comfort of Strangers

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Cuddle Parties?.

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