Do gay & straight men orgasm differently?

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Here's an odd marketing scheme.

. . . a male "trigasm" is less localized than the usual kind. She says it's "felt from the top of the head to the tip of the toes and lasts three times as long."

Cadell hopes to first find out if gay men orgasm differently than straight guys, so she's doing hands-on research with a prototype vibrator.

It features a suction cup for the penis, a small vibrator on the testicles and one for the anus . . .

Sexologist Trying To Triple The Pleasure For Men

Do bisexual men has yet another species of orgasm? What about bottoms? I'm sure the 'researcher' will promise to make everybody happy for, say, $200.


Hmmmm….. I know if I separate my legs and raise my knees towards my chest my orgasm is much more intense and lasts longer….. yeah, bottom!

i cannot comment on the sensations of others’ orgasms. But i can divulge my own experiences here. If i am with someone i really, really like, and who brings me to a state of very high arousal, then i have a very different kind of orgasm. The sensation of a man’s penis going in and out of me, and thus rubbing against and stimulating my prostate, together with the slightest stimulation of my penis will trigger an orgasm that is so much more intense and long lasting than a normal “male” orgasm. The sensations are much less localized, and the semen, instead of shooting out in spurts, seems to “leak” out in a more continuous stream. i have seen this described elsewhere as a “boygasm” (what a pretty name) Only once has it happened to me without penile stimulation of any kind… and that was with a Dominant woman who was fucking me with a (rather large) strap-on. There is also a fetish amongst some Dommes of removing the semen from a submissive male without orgasm through prostate stimulation. This is known as “milking” and is described in a book called “White Gold”. smiling VERY sweetly jimmy

Bottoms’ orgasms baffle me. The few times I’ve been there it has been fine, even enjoyable at times. But only once was it great. I was (as a straight man would say) drunk but maybe more importantly it was with a guy I was passionately in love with. But I never came close to having an orgasm.

I once knew a Domme who was quite proud of her milking skills. Femdom seems to involve quite a bit of male orgasm control.

Yep getting fucked is a whole new world. I have very different experiences getting fucked and fucking. Oh and there are those few wonderful experiences with both. The topic is the orgasm which seems very difficult to isolate. The orgasm for any man is “built”. Just as it is for women. However, Men can come so much faster. Or they can work with their climax to get close and then back off.

I love having a hard cock fuck me. But you know the foreplay can be almost optional yet the fuck in question can be memorable.

But when I fuck someone who is totally into getting fucked, I need to know that they truly need it. That totally puts me in a spell. I love it when a man plays with his ass and begs for cock.

It was similar whether I fucked a woman or a lousy lay of a queen or jacked off when I’d neglected my fingernails so they were long and dirty. However, fucking a good gay bottom who isnt a fem is a treat for my meat and I have better orgasms in that type of an asshole buddy.

Male orgasm - what does a man feel when penetrated ?

Is penetration the key to pleasure in gay sex or can similar sensations be experienced without anal sex ? What do men feel when orgasming ?

Some gay men do have orgasms when penetrated. Actually so do some heterosexual men do when a woman uses a strap on.

Some gay men like anal sex, top or bottom.

Some gay men like oral sex, top or bottom.

Some gay men like intercrual sex or frotting.

Some like all of the above.

Depends on the gay man in question.

I remember milking myself. If I hadnt had sex for a while,or wanked, Id be sitting on the bog and when Iwas relaxed spunk would just run out of the end of my cock. Id massage the root of my cock and Id spunk some more. Ineverstarted out with an erection but I generally had one at the end. It gave me a hi or a gentle orgasm, I like the thought that Im not the only person who calls it milking.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Do gay & straight men orgasm differently?.

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Do gay & straight men orgasm differently?
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