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One of the queer things about me is that I've never watched any porn. Not even the milder sort of movie that gets labeled erotica. Haven't read either sort of book. I do like pretty pictures. OK, sordid pictures as well.

Black Desire paperback cover

Let me adhere more strictly to the truth. A friend who heard this once persuaded me to pay a quarter to watch a pimpled hetero boy stroke himself for a minute (my one visit to an adult bookshop booth). A gay porn double feature inadvertently wound up in the house. I managed to watch maybe ten minutes of each movie. My impression was that they were reasonably well made as porno movies go but I got restless: from boredom, not a wish I could join in. And when I had cable I looked at a few of the "After Hours" smutty movies for heteros. Lots of simulated humping by siliconed women and dull looking men.

Back at the dawn of my discovered queerness I read a few gay Greenleaf Classics. I was working at a mostly mainstream bookshop that was owned by the Mafia and had a small porn section. Reading about hot boys doing what comes unnaturally was an agreeable way to pass the time between customers. In the novels I read the true love always won out in the end for the young men. Sort of Harlequin Romance meets Bel Ami models in heat. Treacly youth that I was I liked the romantic bits best.

Now I'm healthy enough to have sampled bits of web porn. The minute or two long AVIs and MPGs were deleted after one viewing (although the oddly patriotic porn with the American flag was a hoot).

Aside from a couple of exceptions that belong in a different entry that is my experience of gay porn.

A friend once promised to lend me a copy of a gay sex movie he thought would appeal to my erotic prejudices but never carried through.

Sometimes I feel that I'm missing out. I may be romantic but I'm not prudish. With no soul to save I'm not fearing hellfire.

So, I'll invite you, who probably arrived here via Google hoping for something nasty and spicy, to tell me about the erotica or porn that excites you. Movies, books, cartoons whatever, of any sort of sexuality - vanilla, S&M, gay, straight, bisexual, variations that escape me. (Caveat lector: anything that looks like an ad for a commercial site will be deleted.)

So, if you are open enough, talk dirty to me.

Kindred: Prose Orgasms.

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Do you enjoy erotica? Do you like porn? Do you have the patience to read an entry in my personal weblog and tell me about the erotica that you enjoy? If you do take a look at: Do you like gay erotica, porn?... [Read More]

Comments is a great repository of USENET erotic stories organized by subject matter.

The quality runs the entire gamut, but for the visually-over-stimulated, it can be great. Here and there the writing is spectacular. More often than not, however, the stories are cheesy keyword-rich explicit descriptions of an act, more so than a drama. But for men who are quick to excite, this would be good for them. Women may have a hard time finding satisfying material (IMHO)…

I’ve taken advantage of Nifty on and off for a long time. I’ve even contributed a few stories. My use of Nifty is part of an entry I’m deferring for now.

I’m female, myself, but I in no way disagree with the concept of homosexuality. I’m a bisexual, but have never been with a female. A lot of my friends tell me I look too masculine to be a girl, and they say I should have been born a guy, and that I would make a hot fella. But anyway. I’m also a virgin, so my opinion probably doesn’t count for much, but I’ll give it to you anyway, since you asked for it. For some peculiar reason, I find the idea of men and men…appealing…and not at all unnatural. It strikes a chord somewhere deep inside me to see two young men walking together holding hands, or simply enjoying each other’s company. Of course, on another note, the idea of Viggo Mortensen (who I love) and Orlando Blom (who I have no strong feelings either way for) together is, strangely enough, too scintillating for ignore. I don’t have sex, or haven’t yet, at any rate, so I indulge my passion for it in writing…stories, poems, songs, anything and everything. I have this vision of red wine, candlelight, rose petals and silk sheets…soft music and sunsets…I’m a hopeless romantic, I know, but I hope that’s what the first time is like for me. Walks on the beach, him playing guitar in the moonlight, us lying on the sand beneath the stars and laughing at things only we find funny…all of that and more. But I’m probably boring you, so I should be off now. Later!

I love porn, Not erotic stories. Just Pictures.

I was a fan of videos for years but I’ve backed away from those and stick to photographs. It was this love of pictures that lead me into photography both general scenic shots that you’ll find on my blog and porn that is on my porn site.

I do not do couples or sex. Just solo men. I make no attempt at art. I may later shoot art but what I’m trying for, is good high quality porn.

There is tons of porn out there but very little of it well shot or well lit. I wonder if the photographers even know what the words composition and lighting are?

My porn site is me sharing it with the world but the reality is I shoot for me, no one else. I would do it even if no one other than me ever saw my pictures.

My husband of one week and partner for 22 years understands all too well. Like being Gay, shooting young men is not optional for me and I’ll do it till I’m too old and too week to pick up a camera.

I cannot say “what I get out of it?” I cannot name the desire it feeds.

As a side note it is NOT a prelude to sex, My sex life is on a different time table than that of my shooting life. There are models, that I shoot that turn my dial up a bit but generally,while shooting 90% of the models, there is no change in my pulse rate, I am not “turned on” I am working.

The pictures, if well done, will do their magic later….

Have you tried slash? It’s gay porn written almost exclusively by straight women about the characters in their favorite TV show/movie/book/other form of media. There is a ton of it on the Internet (I’m a slash fan and trust me, there is more out there than can ever be read, and that’s just the good stuff). It comes in all ratings, kinks, pairings, and styles. If it’s fandom related, it’s probably out there.

If you want to try it, start here. I can’t guarentee the quality of the sites listed on the database, but it gives you a good idea of what’s out there and how to find it. Once you start in a fandom, it’s pretty easy to find the good stuff, whatever your kink.

Persian Slipper,

Folks have suggested slash before. I don’t have those kinds of feelings for TV/movie/book characters. Though if it had been around when I was younger I might’ve become a Yaoi slash addict.

Clearly for folks looking for pointers to slash fiction your journal is a good place to go.


From what I saw of your site I got the impression it was just naked photos, which isn’t what I think of as porn.

I mostly prefer pictures of attractive people myself and let my imagination supply the story line.


I like women who look liked they’d be handsome guys.

There are a fair number of women who say the idea of two guys together erotically appealing.

I’m a very romantic person myself. Hope you find the right person and setting for your first time.

Just naked photos? Perhaps.

But naked photos of young men jerking off. Each ending with an orgasm. Sounds like porn to me.

Do you think two people are required?

I don’t know what the laws say but for me masturbating moves the photos across the line from erotica to porn. Not meant as an invidious distinction.

i’m a female who enjot reading male erotica. I find the idea of two males together very erotic and sometimes even masturbate to it. I love reading drama filled stories but find nifty to be of very short supply. I’m kinda new to this and was wondering if you could suggest any other good sites that would have good srories.

Try The Nifty Archive and Men on the Net: Erotic Fiction. Hope you find something that you enjoy.

I love gay erotica, the whole guy on guy action is such a turn on. For some reason I tried to watch straight porn with some friends and a girl in it just turns me off. You’d think the idea of sex would be appealing but really it isn’t. i love reading it and watching gay porn its the best in my case

Watching or reading about a masculine man putting his meat to a less than masculine person and subjugate the person has always been a sexual turn-on. Gang-bangs where a team of men pull a train on a less than masculine type and subjugate him are an equally good turn-on.

As banger or bangee?

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Do you like gay erotica, porn?.

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