Dreams of Domination

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Give me a guy with a weak chin, a plain face whose fingers flutter delicately.

I tried watching porn again. It still didn’t really work for me.

Now were I to try reading yaoi graphic novels that might excite me. But it would be the idealistic sweetness: one good reason to avoid them.

The movie featured an older man and a hairless young blonde. It was a BDSM movie. Fairly quickly I became bored, irritated and quit. But it must’ve moved me more than I suspected.

There’s a scene where the older guy has the twink bound and bent over and enters him. It wasn’t cruel or harsh. But for the next few days I found myself for the second time in about three years haunted by images of dominating a guy.

Again I imagined myself telling someone how happy he or she was to kneel before me. Tenderly affirming the sweetness of the offered submission. And being cruel. But never more harshly than the other desired.

It was all bound up in the ardent yielding of the other. His pleasure in being pleasing; my pleasure in being pleased.

Many years ago I had a boy lick my boots and spanked him. But never followed it up. Back then I couldn’t connect rituals of assertiveness with love. And I was - and am - in love with love. It is my weakness.


Submission from a man is the sweetest, most moving thing ever. It is so rich. It pains me to think of.

As a beautiful, feminine,submissive pre-op transexual lady, I love being dominated by a strong, handsome, masculine, loving man. Not in sadistic/masochistic ways, but in ways that let me know that he is the man and I am the lady.

As a femme gay man, before I transitioned from male to female, I also loved dressing as a woman and being feminine and submissive.

My man sometimes scarf gags me with one of my beautiful sensual fashion scarves. It is very loving and I feel so feminine and submissive being scarf gagged. Then he takes me from behind as his lady.

Or he undoes my scarf and I give him oral sex. I love taking his big beautiful manstick between my beautiful lipstcked lips. And yes, I do swallow. I love having his love juices in me. I am his feminine lady, his loving submissive. We both love it that way.

Sometimes my man just takes me by the hand into the bedroom and without saying a word, lefts up my skirt, pulls down my panties, and forcefully and lovingly takes me from behind as his lady ( and sometimes he also reaches around and masturbates me while he takes me from behind, so that we both come).

Or my man brings me into the bedroom, puts me on my knees, and I give him oral sex.

I love pleasing my handsome masculine man in the ways a beautiful, feminine transexual lady pleases her man.

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