Early Erotics

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Recently in skimming a book about female biochemistry I learned that when we are very, very young our bodies secretes tiny doses of the hormones that produce sexual desire. After a few years the glands grow quiet only to resume with full force as we enter our teens.

Hidden in that childish eroticization I suspect is the origin of atypical sexualities. Barely beginning to socialization we experience an uncomprehended reality. Helplessly we respond if only in forging neural pathways that will shape us forever.

Words are just being learned, our brains are incomplete, our bodies inchoate: There’s no way for us to recall or again experience those crucial experiences.

But the sound of our father’s voice, our mother’s caress, what see, touch, taste and smell: some of that becomes secretly sexual.

Is this why some of us are different? Buried revulsion and sweetness that shapes us forever?

There’s no humane or tolerable way for these infantile experiences to be studied so this can never be more than the most tentative speculation.


Speaking of “early” erotics, I just stumbled on Futanari art recently. I know you have posted several times on Japanese Hentai and Manga androgyne. I had to chuckle a little perusing Futanari drawings. Guess I really should go over to my website and write about it soon.

I discovered Futanari about three weeks ago. I saw the appeal but didn’t really investigate it.

i love it. and there i was four years ago with a stash of self portraits with an erection showing through a skirt thinking i should turn it into a new genre. sure, psychoanalysts will stomp their feet and proclaim japanese males have a fear of the castrated woman, but so what? at least they’re infinitely more deviant than the staid chinese!

Penises and skirts can be tricky. I had no trouble not seeing Alex’s: it was if it didn’t exist. Was a bit odd because there was no vagina or anything to imagine responding.

And some trans people can be mercilessly mocking of a guy who might be interested in their penis.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Early Erotics.

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