Erotic Ideal?

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It was sort of an arbitrary, abstract intellectual-erotic mind game - if I could live but one sexuality which would I choose?

To control the kneeling crossdresser who lives but to please?

Or to be kneeling before the haughty girl who laughs at me?

To live ensnared by the fey bottom whose perfume left me on top but under his spell?

To discover that I wanted nothing more than a taller, older, very dominant man.

Or cheerful heterosexuality with that nice liberal, granola-girl who kept freshly baked bread in the oven.

Or some hermaphrodite whose recondite anatomy defied every norm of body and gender identity.

(OK, that last one is pretty much cheating.)

Everyone has his or her erotic ideal - except maybe me - but if you find way to this page I’d enjoy learning yours whether it seem boring or kinky beyond belief.


Oh, mine is very boring, but seems to be the hardest of all. I’m looking for an egalitarian heterosexual relationship, where both partners can control the action at various times, and the spark is in the head as well as the genitals. I tend to be attracted to yin/yang kinds of guys- don’t mind if they are into ‘guy’ stuff, but with a developed nurturing side as well.

Now, if I can just find a straight one like that who likes fat, opinionated chicks I’ll be happy!

Is finding an egalitarian relationship that hard? Or is it that all of my just plain heterosexual male friends are exceptional?

Finding the right partner seems to be much harder than it has any right to be. I know all sorts of really fine, likable, capable perpetually single people.

A shame and waste.

I’ve given some thought to this, but I’ve never put it down to look over. My ideal person, if I could live with just one type of person, would be pretty close to what I have now, but just a bit different: A rather willowy scholar-type man who enjoys all types of music, quite a bit taller than me, loves me for who I am and not what I want or what I am, dominant in bed, a good mind in his head with the ability to be his own person.

I can live without girls if he ever told me to. ;*

The supreme lover of my dreams? I have always imaged this person, like a The Chimera, who is a composite of surreal paradoxical elements, yet beautifully blending like a chameleon.

Male or Female, I would prefer someone with grace and elegance someone worthy of both my admiration, worship and exploitation.

Like human Ambrosia, Cuisine of the Gods, I want someone golden hued with an beautifully edible body from head to toe and beyond. Someone that I would like to devour and regurgitate for the rest of my life.

As crazy as it sounds, I believe that I have found that person, with my curent girlfriend. We are both so intune and chaotically cyclical that we never get bored and I find myself in a relationship with a different incarnation of the same goddess every year.

For someone like me with scattered interrests I really need that to remain faithful and honest.

My ideal type shifts often as I see some uniquely attractive person walk down the street.

But someone who hold seemingly contradictory qualities within her or his self tends to always be the root desire. There’s something about complexity that calls to me.

I’m happy that you have someone right for you. I’d never dare speak for anyone else but fidelity is necessary for my own happiness.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Erotic Ideal?.

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