Erotic Orientation Labels

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I used to blog frequently about erotic orientation labels. There wasn’t much about pansexuality on the web back then and I enjoyed teasing out what it meant to be. And I find playing with sexual labels entertaining.

Naturally I heard often from people who didn’t ‘believe’ in labels, meaning that they didn’t feel that any label could describe them. In a world of billions of people no one has qualities that are really that rare. But they may not have met their sexual kith and kin. Something the web is doing a good job of putting an end to.

A label is just a noun. And like most nouns are meaningless shorn of details and nuances. You may be looking for a house. But likely not any house. Perhaps a brick house. A brick two-story house. A brick two-story house, with large front and backyards, in a safe neighborhood that costs less than so many dollars.

Similarly you may be, say, a gay male bottom. But open to bottoming in certain acts. You might always want to role-play being a bottom - being called dirty names - or find that intolerable. A bottom that prefers anonymous sex or will sleep only with men you’ve had a chance to get to know.

An erotic orientation label is only a beginning: it is meaningless without qualifications.

People often use labels to assert who they aren’t. To stay with our current example a bottom or top may quickly assert a label when asked to engage in the role they don’t enjoy.

Labels are bad only when they are used without care.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Erotic Orientation Labels.

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