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Last night's entry on my submissive, masochistic side began with the caveat that I was in a hurry. The idea of being dominated by a woman was almost as big a surprise as finding out that I could have sex with a woman had been many years earlier.

Before I found myself in bed with Siobhan I hadn't given girls or women (each word has its own pleasing penumbra) a second glance (as an adult). My discover of Femdom needs more than a paragraph in passing.

I'd bought a few issues of Playboy over the years. Once the magazine was famous for its interviews. I think I bought the issues featuring interviews with David Bowie (my young gay self's sexual ideal), Jimmy Carter and Fidel Castro.

A guy dumped a couple of decades off back-issues on my bookshop. The shop was much smaller back then 1200 sq. ft.), we didn't have anywhere to store them so we put them in the room at home we were using for overflow.

One day I started leafing through them. There as a time after Siobhan left me that I was strongly turned on by women. And I was by some of the nude playmates (funny how more persnickety you are looking at photos than at real people, but the airbrushed photographs don't have the individual charm of the actual person with which to win you over).

Of the twenty years worth my arousal was greatest in response to two of the playmates: Loni Chin and Marianne Gravette. When I first saw Joe Dallesandro naked in Trash I thought sexual beauty is all in geometry. In his case some unique proportion of triceps size and shoulder size, arm and torso length. Likewise in a few of the photos Loni Chin had some peculiar combination of curves.

Once Siobhan was gone my strongest sexual fantasies were of cunnilingus (frequently with Heather Locklear). In my fantasies of Loni Chin oral sex became a form of serving as well as pleasing. I think there was guilt at the failure of my relationship active in all of this.

Marianne Gravette was the quintessential blond beauty, very much my ideal boy recreated as a young woman. Taut body and she wore boots. Licking her boots became part of my imagine foreplay.

It wasn't long before my neglected gay masochism transferred over to women.

So I discovered the world of Femdom and looked at images from OWK.

Never led to much. My online presence was lively and interesting enough to get offers from women. None of them were in Durham and for the first time in my life I really wished I'd learned how to drive a car. (There were many more interested men. Most were unacceptable for two reasons: they thought they were straight or they sounded damned crazy. Gay sadists mostly seemed emotionally undesirable. I did meet a bright, interesting man. Something could've easily come of it but a couple of days later I met Charles).

Isn't it neat what people will tell you on the web?




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i am a black male that have been enjoying the submissive side of life for some time. I find that I enjoy being used as a woman by a soman weraing the fauz male organ strap on and that i also enjoy peforming cunnilngus while wearing stockings and nipple clamps. I this strange?

Personally I’ve always found the feminizing of a male side of Femdom weirdly sexist. But I don’t criticize who find satisfaction that way.

We’ll probably never know how many heterosexual men have submissive fantasies so I don’t know how ‘strange’ in the sense of atypical it is. As long as you and the Domme are having a good time there’s nothing unhealthy about it.

im new to this but i love it

I just love to serve Dommes and been looking to hook up with one

I am a Domme and I love it!

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