Feminization: is it sexist?

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Not long back I wrote about my regret that I'd never made time for BDSM play. Looking at a page about male feminization that someone pointed me to I was reminded of one of my erotic blind spots.

While I've had a healthy variety of submissive fantasies the idea of being sissified draws a blank. I strive to not feel distaste for it, though the emails I used to get from people saying they'd like for me to sissify them tended to be tinged with creepiness.

My one and only experience with Femdom didn't involve feminization. Not sure what my response would've been. Even when I was young and lissome the notion of myself em femme would've been risible at best. Part of my personal rejection of the idea is simply aesthetic.

But the idea of a woman humiliating a man by making him wear lipstick and panties has always struck me as eerily sexist. There's the implication that femininity itself is inferior.

I wouldn't criticize anyone's sexuality. But I have wondered if the Dominas don't sometime feel a contraction in male sissification.

Once I did write a Transvestite humiliation story


I couldn’t agree more. I too, think thta humiliation through feminisation is very sexist. if you are a bit of a bookworm, you may have read what Leo Bersani wrote on te subject (Is the rectum a grave?), about the concept of feminine as inferior. I’ve even included it in a recent blog (July 14th, Little Miss Bookworm). I’ve also found that many men who are turned on by dressing as female, do it as a way to get their rocks off. Once they shoot their load, they run to put on their male clothes again, all guilt and awkwardness. Sighs.

It wasn’t until I started reading a few BDSM weblogs that I discovered that some men would hide a desire to merely get their orgasm by saying they like genitorture. Hadn’t realized they might do it with feminization.

I don’t really think of orgasms as necessarily a part of BDSM play. Certainly not with ProDommes. And would assume it is all the things that would precede one anyway that would give the most fulfillment.

yes, it’s everything non-genital in BDSM play that makes it for me too. The power exchange, yummm… :)

In fact, the possibility of anything vanilla being introduced in the scene brings me crashing down from my Dommy high and puts me off.

But then that’s me. Different strokes (no pun) for different folks…

Feminization is humiliating to a male in that it is a) taboo b) acting counter to the direction which his hormones are driving him.

Women who are happily into a feminine lifestyle can appreciate that a man is inherently “pulled down off his perch” by being feminized.

I don’t see it as being necessarily sexist at all.


“acting counter to the direction which his hormones are driving him.”

I don’t see my hormones pulling me strongly one way or another (I tend to feel genderless).

I don’t deny the effect of hormonal balances on things like mood and health but don’t think gender identity is just a matter of brain chemistry.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Feminization: is it sexist?.

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