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As I wrote earlier my way of coping with fear and hurt was to build my days around Netflix and Hulu.

Helplessly we find ourselves enamored of performers whose physical charisma and personality make us feel something warmer than esteem. Of recent actresses and actors two most strongly seduced me into fannish affection.

Actress Jaime Murray

Jaime Murray I discovered (like most everybody I imagine) watching Hustle. Surely the woman by whom you’d most willingly be conned. Having enjoyed the first season of Dexter her role in the second as Lila was a wonderful extra. And I even watched soporific - and thankfully defunct - Valentine.

John Barrowman with husband/lover.
Barrowman (right) with husband

David Tennant is the first actor to play the Doctor capable to bringing me back to Doctor Who since Tom Baker. Tennant is cute and charming. But it was John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness that really beguiled me with the attractiveness of his face and persona.

Naturally I watch Torchwood. Though I do hope season three is better than two was. I wouldn’t have watched it without Barrowman.

Both Murray and Barrowman have expressive mobile faces. And each conveys a sense of enjoyment of life. Happiness is always appealing and cheerfulness was certainly what I needed in 2008.

Comediennes draw me more than most women. That is why “she’d be so nice to come home to” seems an apt epithet for Myrna Loy.

I don’t fantasize about these people. Diana Rigg’s Emma Peel will forever remain an image of perfect womanhood. But I’ve never wondered what she looked like naked.

Not that there aren’t exceptions.

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