Gauging Disappointment

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And to conclude what has been passing through my mind tonight.

I guess there must be a few couples who live forever in perfect harmony. That go on together without disappointments and dissatisfactions - forever finding their partner blameless.

But the rest of us have to accept there will be nights when we feel our needs haven’t been met. Days when we feel let down in someone for whom our love is akin to idolatry.

Live with it.

If it passes a certain point: leave them.

The latter is easier advised than accomplished. Mostly we drag ourselves through the same old mud until the day we choke on it. And flee for our own emotional survival.

Na´ve faith can keep us going. But naivetÚ is its own punishment.

It is so easy to deify those we love. And foolish to expect them to behave like gods.

And - yes - I do hate myself for writing like some lame self-help author.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Gauging Disappointment.

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