Gay man & straight woman watch male strippers

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Can they both lust after the same guy isn't much of a question. As always I seem to identify more with the straight woman than the queer guy.

The Gay Man:

I know this makes me sound cheap and cheesy and sleazy and gross, but I have to admit I go for military uniforms.

The Straight Woman:

The thing about gay and even sexually ambiguous men is they know how to be looked at. The more comfortable the guys were with performing, and the less they clung to strip-club stereotypes, the easier it was to accept their elaborate pantomime of sexiness.

Can Straight Women and Gay Men Lust the Same Male? A Stranger Investigation


have we ever discussed fag hags? it always struck me that they gravitated only towards the flamers: the non-threatening mama’s boys. i know i have absolutely no draw with fag hags at all. they seem incredible disappointed that i am so feather boa-lessly staid.

or maybe it’s because i look as if i can bounce back into heterosexuality at any moment.

i thought that’s where all the fun is at!

I enjoyed doing “girls night out” with my female coworkers. My partner and I would take them to see strippers at a gay bar. Always a fun night. Since most of the dancers are straight, they’d hang around our mixed-gender table rather than circulating among all the scary gay men.

One night, we even got a ride home from one of them who had picked up one of the women. I love riding in the back of a pickup truck.

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Love and Lust
Gay man & straight woman watch male strippers
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