Gay men who hate heterosexuals & women

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Dear Dick, John, William &etc.:*

Who you are I don't know. You appear to be in the greater Los Angeles area, connecting by Pacific Telesis Rback4.irvnca.


I've indulged in the cheap humor of mocking heterosexuals. I remember being young enough to think calling some of them "breeders" was funny. Well, I'm not so old that some of the shabby, slatternly folks who should've have had children don't evoke the epithet to this day.

As I've had occasion to remark before almost all of my friends are straight. None of them tainted with homophobia. They wouldn't be my friends if they had the slightest stain.

Still I won't deny the occasional spam of heterophobia.

I've never made fun of women qua women. I loved my Momma. And like my very few women friends. Seven years after I'd figured myself to be wholly queer I lived with a woman for a few years and never found her pudenda repulsive or called her a "broad" - an odd, retro sounding usage don't you think?

While I prefer guys if I were living with a woman I wouldn't be secretly dreaming of men.

So my anonymous commenter, why is the central thrust of your many recent comments contempt for straight people, a diverse lot. Aside from heteros in general what is your brief against those born female?

My own guess is a scarring event or people horrifying years in the closet. Perhaps a marriage to a woman that you did not want.

I don't despise a life damaged by things like that. But have to wonder why your many comments disparage others more than they celebrate what makes you happy.

* Same person, assorted names - which is OK - who has left a number of comments here.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Gay men who hate heterosexuals & women.

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Gay men who hate heterosexuals & women
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