Gay & middle age crazy?

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And today he`s forty years old going on twenty
Don`t look for the grey in his hair
`Cause he ain`t got any
He`s got a young thing beside him
That just melts in his hand
He`s middle aged crazy
Trying to prove he still can

Jerry Lee Lewis - Middle Age Crazy

Sometimes straight men hit what I think of as the little red sports car phase. At least that is what they seem to start driving when their loss of youth slaps them in the head.

Do gay men have a similar syndrome? Become pretty boy chasers? Most of us start out liking young guys like our then young selves. Sanity if not maturity cause us to diversify our lusts as we age. I'm stolidly accepting of my own increasing age but was wondering what foolish acts some gay men commit when they go middle age crazy.


i’ve never liked young guys. i’ve always gone for older men. even when I was in high school, i’d long for the guys in higher grades…

You can’t imagine how deeply grateful I was when I came back to sex and romance and discovered there were guys younger than myself who found my age a plus. Not that I necessarily had the ‘maturity’ some of them said they were looking for. It was like a reprieve from death.

Not that I was looking for significantly younger guys. It was just nice to hear that some of them still considered me worth considering. Mostly I shied away from them feeling that I would do best with someone who has a similar level of life experience. Aging doesn’t make you wiser but sometimes you do develop balance that would only seem tiresome to a younger man.

Charles is nineteen years my junior. He prefers older people in general as friends. Which can sound a bit weird even unhealthy but for him at least it isn’t.

A friend of mine was OK until he hit forty. Then he stopped dating men his own age. Now he cruises and chases twinks. They are happy to let him buy them drinks and clothes but laugh at him when he isn’t around.

I love your blog, pelase let me link it to mine :) Also on the subject of age: I’m a girl. I’m closer to 40 than to 30. I’ve always liked my men younger than me, and while my age advances, theirs don’t. Even when I was a pipsqueak, father figure types put me off big time. Their patronising, their playing at oh you don’t know, you are too young… Eeuuurgh! … I only hope I’m not like them!

Aside from the folks whose taste for younger partners is apt to get them thrown in jail the only real downside to the preference is that fewer of them will want you as you age. I was once mortally afraid I’d be one of those sad old guys.

Your kinky side places you in a privileged if pestered position with a large group of men. At least the number of dominant women compared to submissive men has always very tiny. And most genuinely submissive men want certain experiences that leave them happy with older women. At least that is how it has looked to me.

Unfortunately, that vast army of so-called subs is formed mostly by men you wouldn’t consider in a million years.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Gay & middle age crazy?.

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