Gay monogamy: fundamentalist nightmare

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That many of us are committed, partnered, 'married' gay men is is something that threatens fundamentalist queer demonology.

Normally I don't note this sort of ugliness in my personal weblog. The abuse of Bruce Voeller heightened my interest since I knew Voeller back when I was working on The Atlanta Barb. Then again there are fewer organizations more repugnant than Exodus.

This, of course, is a bald misrepresentation of the show, which depicts a man selecting through the course of televised dating and relating one other man to be his mate. Aside from the TV cameras, this is a rather ordinary thing among many gay men. Haley seems to be upset that so it was so ridiculously easy for CBS to find gay men who are not "promiscuous."

Exodus Chairman's Misquotes on Gay Demographics


What do you deem as Homophobic, and conversion attempts? If you believe in your cause, and the first ammendment then you shouldn’t care, I believe it was Voltaire who said I may be totally against what you have to say but I would fight to the death for your right to say it.

Homophobic comments express hatred for gay people as gay people. At first I put up with racism and the like but it simply became too disgusting for me to accept on what is a personal website.

Conversion attempt (and I’ve allowed hundreds of them through)mostly quote the Bible at me. Coming from a fundamentalist background and having a real interest in the history of Christianity I know the song and dance. Even though the intent is sincere it gets stale and tedious.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Gay monogamy: fundamentalist nightmare.

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Gay monogamy: fundamentalist nightmare
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