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Thereís no pretension that these are reviews. Mostly they help me remember what Iíve seen and what I thought of them. If I didnít record my responses to the gay movies Iím watching after years of not seeing any gay cinema Iíd forget and rent the movies again.

It is a nice way to spend time with Charles, the sweet, soft guy in my life.

Sadly, living here in Durham North Carolina thereís a small pool of gay movies for rent. And Iím too cash poor to buy them. Iíd like to see the Naked Civil Servant but thereís no copy to be rented.

When looking for reviews of gay films let me point you to a couple of sites:

. For many gay movies you get a review and viewer comments.

TLA Video. They sell and produce gay movies. It was a surprise to discover how honest and unpartisan their gay movie reviews are. Amazingly free of the expected venality.

I'd greatly appreciate your leaving a comment (see below) letting me know what you favorite gay movies are. With luck you'll point me to something I've missed.


My favorite Porno of all time is “Carnival of Rio” by director Kristen Bjorn, all of his movie are the best. He uses only hot exotic foriegn men. Parashooters and Wet Dreams 1 & 2 is realy good also, but I’m more partial to old school porn

YMAC is good stuff too, like AQUA or Alpine Passion

When I think of Kristen Bjorn my mind turns to some of his homoerotic photography from the 1970s.

I’ve yet to see a pornographic movie that I enjoyed. But I’m too cheap to invest money in exploration.

Well, I have tons of stills on my computer if you ever want a little preview…just lett me know

The last time I tried watching something it was more in tune with the part of my sexuality I write about on my other site. It was well done but I just sort of went “uh huh.” Now that I can do that in real life I’m not much interested in seeing strangers do it.

What kind of porn do you like, what are the qualities that make it work for you?

I look for foreign men and high quality. I like porn that showcase the sensuality and beauty that is involved in Male harmony. I also feel because these are “paid professionals” I should see some advanced kamasutra.

What is it about men from other countries?

I mean, I have a thing for English accents or Scandinavian hair but those are too ordinary to count much. Offhand I don’t think in much in racial, ethnic or nationalistic terms.

What I really love about foriegn people (men & woman) is the golden complexion that they tend to have.

I also, I believe, I have a case of Xenophilia (Ha! look it up, Panfetishist!)

I have a thing for odd features. Fresh faces, different cultures, and weird accents.

I understand for me it is mostly Slavic and Eurasian features and accents.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Gay movies, recommendations, reviews, TLA Video, All Movie Guide.

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Love and Lust
Gay movies, recommendations, reviews, TLA Video, All Movie Guide
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