Gay sex in elementary school

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As much as Iíve written about sex over the last couple of years I donít think Iíve shared this. Probably because they are thin, fragmentary memories.

My guess is that I was 11 or 12. Possibly Victor hadnít yet introduced masturbation to me. (I do remember the first time I jacked off. I was in the tub. Felt good, donít know if I thought about anybody or just pumped my cock.)

I was out in the woods near Savannah Gardens with a neighbor kid. He may have been my age, couldnít have been more than a couple of years older.

He said he wanted to put his cock in my mouth. I said OK. But I quickly yanked my head away. The taste was icky. Donít know if his penis had a nasty taste or it was just my kiddish sense of taste. The more mature me has always found the human body from the crown to the toe, clean or maybe not so, pretty tasty.

Then he asked to stick is cock up my ass. I assented easily enough. We heard some other people nearby and left. He never asked again, I never thought anything about it.

Not long after I dimly recall a couple of attempts to have sex under a house with another guy. Canít say whose idea it was. Probably his. I donít think our bodies managed to achieve anything.

Impossible to go back and reconstruct my mind when I was that young. I donít remember desiring anyone until years later. The guyís requests didnít seem odd to me. Surely some sort of nascent sexuality was alive in me. My body probably wasnít producing the appropriate hormones in quantity yet. I was ignorant of what people did with their genitals. With straight sex a blank, queer sex couldnít have suggested anything.

This is the short version. For about four times as many words: First time I had sex with a guy


great story, I’ve had similar experiences

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Gay sex in elementary school
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