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Did buy PlanetOut or was it the other way around? I put personals on both but the only response I got was webcam boy spam.'s chatrooms were a late addition to my internet single and looking strategy. Until I'd joined AOL shortly before I'd never spent a second in one.. When I looked at's I was surprised. The chat rooms were local. There was even one specifically for Durham/Chapel Hill.

I'd already filled out a profile. I setup one of their simple pages. It was a cumbersome tool meant to be easy for idiots to use. Mine was just a couple of photos and a pointer to pages on my website.

My chatroom blurb stated my age and said that I didn't want to chat privately with anyone who hadn't first looked at my page. Very few people tried to chat. I didn't fret, by them my PC was loaded with online connections.

I had Yahoo's and Microsoft's messaging client up. I was in an AOL chatroom. And I was probably writing something for a Yahoo club or replying emails and chat attempts elsewhere.'s local chatrooms were pretty lively. Mostly they were college students. Many of them knew each other, talked about friends and arranged to meet for meals or to go to bars. Decent chatrooms really but of little use to me, I wasn't wanting to meet college kids. The young guys who preferred - gack! - mature men were a surprise. But not a temptation. On I was looking strictly for guys I might have more than a once-only with. I'll own there are probably exceptions but guys in their 20s didn't seem fit for my goal. The more worthwhile the person the more likely he is to be evolving and changing.

I discovered's NC Mature chatroom. The men in the room proved to be mostly men my age (and an occasional admirer or hustler). Almost to a man they were only looking for hookups.

One fellow whose profile said he was looking only for true love opened a private chat window to see if I'd like to get together to fuck. That he'd contradicted himself didn't bug me. But I was pissed that he'd ignored my clear warning that I wasn't looking for a quickie. I made a note of our chat in my Live Journal. Surprisingly he visited the page and sent me a deranged email that I'd violated his civil rights. Well, nobody likes to be made fun of.

Up on the regional level were yet more chatrooms. There were some nice kids in the Serious chatroom. Probably too much in love with love. And there was the poor gay virgin. The boy was saving himself for Mr. Right with whom he expected to spend the rest of his life. At 19 what he really needed was some rough sodomizing.

The last chatroom I discovered was Transgendered. There was always a few self-proclaimed Adonis jocks who wanted to show the 'gals' what only a 'real man' could. I think many of the transvestites were phonies. A few guys can pass as beautiful 19-year-old girls. But only a very few.

I went into other rooms, many of them empty, others a mite creepy. I'd keep them all open until's buggy java chat applet bombed. brought me nothing. But if I'd been twenty-five and looking to hookup it might've been swell.

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What is a Bimetrosexual?

A heterosexually identified bisexual male? Sounds like useless jargon.

A heterosexually identified bisexual male who likes nice clothes? Sounds like useless jargon.

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I havent’t been on a chatroom before and I think i’ve F**d it up.

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