Gender Qualities

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It isn’t always easy to have an erection. At least now than at age eighteen.

It is great to be the shoulder, to have the soft one rest his head on your chest. But lonely to feel that your strength can’t be recompensed from the bottom. Being ‘the man’ can be a joy. Living aloft and alone can drain you of all your supposed power.

Sweet is the surrender that empowers you. The devotion that brings out the best in you.

Manhood isn’t in ruling or owning. It is in establishing a sane balance. As is femininity. Each are simply different means of achieving the same goal.

Gender qualities are different forms of beauty. Not about better or worse, superior or inferior. If you can’t see the delight then you are best neuter and irrelevant. Don’t poison our happiness.


I always have to consciously make and memorize a list of guys I find attractive.

I seldom think of what a guy looks like. This may have something to do with the fact that 6’4” men have hid behind me when I was walking down the street in a skirt.

For me a man is what he can do, not what his looks promises. I feel that way about a woman too, but the magic of what a woman is lies in the mystery of all that remains unsaid.

I remember you once mentioning the 19 year old Brad Pitt (remembered only because I was so blessedly ignorant of contemporary pop culture I didn’t know who he was).

There are plenty of nice looking people in mass culture but the qualities that attract me don’t make for celebrity.

Wonder what Quentin Crisp looked like at twenty.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Gender Qualities.

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