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Sir Ian McKellen

So many gay webloggers like to post the photos of attractive young men they have a mad pash for. Mostly of guys who probably just as soon kick a fag in the teeth if approached. Here's a picture of a man I find devastating: symmetry, urbanity, and English accent (that I never got to bed an English boy is one of my life's sad lapses). An atheist as well so there's no postcoital chatter about the nonexistent. How badly one otherwise sweet boy broke the mood when he confessed to me that he'd once see a UFO.

If you'd prefer someone blond and young you can look at David.


I’m melting… melting…
Faces like that just make me want to abandon myself into their firm grasp…..

But I guess you get a different set of feelings, eh Richard?

Hello Richard -

I am not gay but am quite relaxed in the company of. I had a very good gay friend in the air force in berlin. half the time I preferred hanging with him and friends. their personal honesty and free-spirit was no much more liberating to be in the company of. and they party so dramatically and wildly. befitting of the time.

anyway, I agree with you regarding Sir Ian Mckellan. I find him thoroughly calming. Have to say, Ian over David any day. I loved him in Gods and Monsters. Wonderful role for him.


hey, Richard, Sir, i’m English!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes, Ian is devastating. My fave was Lenny Bernstein. He once came into the studio i was recording in and said “Hi, Are you Jimmy H…..? I am a friend of Leo (Rost)” (with whom i was working on a soundtrack) ” and he asked me to introduce myself to you. My name is Leonard Bernstein ” i looked up and i MELTED!! What a fucking little groupie i was! But he never made a pass at me, and i was too shy to lead him on. i have few regrets in my life, but THAT one is one of them.

I just like looking at his face, he looks smart and good-humored. On the practical side I’m “versatile” as the personal ads put it.

I prefer him with his long white beard, but his eyes still make me melt :)

post all the non-young non-blond pics you want - it’s refreshing too see individuals, and not just cookie-cutter “beauties” that are a dime a dozen…

I was skimming through a bunch of gay blogs last night and they struck me as “straight boy pin-up galleries.” Trying to think of an openly gay celebrity that I find attractive Sir Ian was the first man that came to mind.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Heartthrob.

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