Heterosexual Male Bottoms

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There are plenty of happy gay male bottoms. You might even be one.

Did you know there are many heterosexual male bottoms?

You may be wondering how a straight man can bottom and not just be a closeted bisexual hypocrite.

These guys bottom to their wives.

Behold the world of strap on sex. Sex toy sites often show strap on dildos among their list of bestsellers.

The physiological part of the pleasure a gay man gets from being penetrated is having his prostate massaged and his vagus nerve stimulated.

Straight men have them as well. Most if them are dimly aware of the pleasure, which they sometimes note after defecating.

I wonder how much this knowledge - even subconscious - that there is joy in a penetrated sphincter contributes to homophobia. Even if they are truly 100% hetero it probably leads the insecure guy to doubt himself in that funny way those men have.

The cliché is that even the homeliest straight guy thinks that all gay men want his penis. Maybe they are afraid we want their butts. And that - worst of all - they’d enjoy it.

Masculinity is funny.


i enjoy taking a strap-on from my gf, but i really have not experienced the prostate orgasm. i love the feeling of Her cumming on me as She penetrated, but i have never come close to the prostate orgasm. Would love to feel it. Love the Domme/sub interworking, but how do i get the Prostate orgasm? Advice?

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