Higher: Complete 1940 Dallas Session

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The third anniversary of our meeting is about a week away but I let Charles have his present tonight.

Higher: Complete 1940 Dallas Session lets me continue my tradition of giving Charles Chuck Wagon Gang music as presents. Just released the timing couldn't have been better. Even though I already have his Christmas present planned I'd be ever so appreciative if someone would release another CWG CD.

Chuck Wagon Gang is old-time white gospel music (a distinction I'm much alive to because of my love of black gospel from the golden age). When Charles listens to the Chuck Wagon Gang he reconnects with his family, almost all gone, and his childhood when he was a young prince whose family owned acres and he was a student at Julliard.

The later years were hard on my beloved and I'm always happiest when I'm able to give him a gift that makes him happy.

[Listening to: Dreaming Of The Queen - Pet Shop Boys - Very (04:19)]

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Higher: Complete 1940 Dallas Session
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