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Iíve bitched sourly enough about the scarcity of gay art that isnít all bulging crotches and biceps. This morning I was searching for reproductions of Henry Tuke, a Victorian homoerotic painter. The Tom of Finland Foundationís links page turned up in the search results. Most of the sites are devoted to the inescapable sweaty men. None of the artists share my taste for pixie dust and limp wrists but a reasonable slice of the listings were interesting enough to keep me entertained for a couple of hours.


If you haven’t made this discovery yourself, then here is a tip… The most delicate, lovely, adorable gay erotica is written and drawn mostly by females who adore and are addicted to “Slash”. Sites like http://www.bishonenworks.com/ http://www.mrks.org/~viridian/ and more are good examples of that…

Homoerotica serves two functions - it titillates as well as educates. There are many gay people (especially those who are just discovering their true nature and trying to come to terms with it) who would benefit greatly from reading accounts of other people who are like them. But I frown with exasperation at those “polite” writers who fight shy of calling a spade a spade and an ace an ace. I hate John Cleland’s pretentious and insincere style. For that matter, I detest Victorian hypocrisy. Under all that polite language and meticulous phraseology, cocks still stiffened and cunts still oozed as they do now. There! I feel really good after giving vent. It’s almost like an orgiastic release. Cheerio!

I made an interesting observation the other day. The term homosexual is an adjective, not a noun. Use it properly. We are men who enjoy experiencing homosexual sex; or, rephrased: we are men who enjoy having sex with oher men. As long as homosexual people make themselves a group apart, we all remain that way. Marlon Brando commented, “I, like most other men, have enjoyed many sexual experiences with other men.” We are, in fact, the majority, not the minority.

Homosexual is both an adjective and a noun. At least in America.

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