Hotmail personals (another way to meet gay men)

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I may be guilty of hurrying. I have a an urge to get through the story of my use of the internet for meeting other gay men.

Hotmail had a link to its own personal ads section. (Maybe it still does, I'm feeling too lazy to look.)

I kept one alive (they expired) on and off for sometime without results.

Not long before I met Charles and quit online dating I several responses.

With one exception not the responses I was hoping for.

I got emails from two heterosexual men who thought I wanted to suck their dicks. They were classic instances of desire causing a peculiar kind of illiteracy where desire erased the words and replaced them with heart's (or genitals') desire.

One of them men also told me that I'd have to "service" his girlfriend. Well, lucky me. Nothing can more clearly picture the heterosexual image of gay men as being willing to do anything if they can get some cock.

Eventually I'd post an ad in "Men Looking for Women." A woman wrote in to tell me that I looked like a serial killer and must be terribly fucked-up if I couldn't drive a car. I thought that was funny and gave her a sober reply that she never answered.

Crossdressing cop (no joke)

Then I heard from the crossdressing cop. I don't think I ever received a more intelligent, seemingly honest, thoughtful, touching response to a personal ad. We exchanged a good number of emails.

Thinking that I'd finally met a crossdresser who was near, available and that I could have an enjoyable time with I said I was ready to meet. Certain crimes in his county kept him from being able to come to Durham (facts easily checked and if there was any phoniness on his end I'd met a master).

When he emailed me to let me know he had free time I'd was spending time with Charles in Raleigh. All I could say was thanks but sorry.

There are three or four guys I heard from that I sometimes wish I'd've had a chance to spend time with before meeting Charles. Or perhaps never meeting Charles. The crossdressing cop was one.

Personal ads & internet personals

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Hotmail personals (another way to meet gay men)
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