How Do You Become Pansexual?

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In the background of my notes on sexuality has been an implicit question about myself: when was my sexuality formed. Did it actually grow or merely reveal itself?

When is a foolish question. Some of it must become embedded when we are little more than infants. And inclinations and fascinated are probably still being established during our teens.

Sometimes it feels as if my sexuality wasn’t so much implanted as omitted. Rather than ripening my erotic nature merely became more evident. I simply never acquired monosexual biases.

I was a very na´ve young man. While never much socialized it was easy for images from others to make their impress. Even to socializing myself as a strictly gay man (an identification I’ll never on certain levels surrender).

Not that I was a pure tabula rasa but there was a lot of blank space on the slate.

Again, I wonder how many people possess greater erotic fluidity than they think if only they could wipe away the incrustations acquired by media, family, friends and acquaintances.

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How Do You Become Pansexual?
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