In praise of the male butt

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François was kind enough to gift me with more images of Toby Bluth, a gay cartoonist I remember from long ago.

My body with the humorless honesty it often has responded more strongly to certain images than others. As a gay man I'm not much involved in the race's nutty desire to keep itself around. (Yes, I know some of you, male or female are.) But my residue or transmogrified biological demands combine with my psyche to leave me helpless before the shape of certain body parts.

Male buttocks

We all have our private encyclopedias of beautiful people we've seen. The important entries were written when we were young. My inner directory of pretty faces glimpsed is large. They are referenced for their individual pleasure.

The listings under "Butts, male" are sparser. I think they establish taxonomy. Some of them were glimpsed only briefly but they set the patterns with which I've classified and judges the boy buns that have followed: triangular, flat, perfect roundness. In retrospect some seem flashy in their restrained opulence, others irresistible in their minimalism.

Male crotches

It isn't that I haven't taken pleasure in the roundness in the front. But I don't see the same variety. Perhaps the individual qualities of the penis are better appreciated when it is revealed. Denim doesn't hide the virtues of the buttocks.

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I thought I'd spend some time writing once again about my delight in the beauty of gay men's beautiful butts but my beloved Charles is home and wanting my attention so I'll just post a book cover and a couple... [Read More]


A beautiful round bubble butt is a real treasure for all to see. The men that have them should do us all a favor and wear nothing but revealing clothes everywhere they go…my favorite would be jock straps.

It isnt just how a butt looks but how tight it is around a man’s dick and how good a piece of ass it is. I have fucked a number of butts but three were excellent pieces of ass for me and gave me consistantly wonderful orgasms when I came in them.

My favorite view would have to be a man on his back with his legs spread. Double points if hairless or minimal hair. And socks are verboten in my bed. Jockstraps definitely get my vote too.

Given my perverse nature I like guys on their stomach and have a thing for guys in tight dress clothes.

I’m always fascinated by a guy with a beautiful firm butt, who is either lying in bed on his stomach or bent over, with his legs spread, so that you see his ball sack, his flaccid penis and sometimes, his waiting butthole. After many years of seeing other naked men, it’s as if you are looking at their last secret place, a voyuer’s dream.

Men in sarongs, or towels draped loosely over their arse- I love the teaseof it all…makes my mouth water.

There’s nothing quite like the first taste of a nice firm ass, I have a weakness for them that makes a crack whore scavanging for narcotics look like a girl scout selling cupcakes. I LOVE ASS.

I love the male ass. Everything about it is wonderful including the smell and taste. I would rather rim a guy out than suck his cock.

I love a hot guy’s round ass in tight faded jeans…Levis especially. My weakness is seeing hot guys on sport motorcycles with tight jeans. I remember the first time I had a guy over after a motorcycle ride on my sport bike. He had the hottest ass and when he dropped those jeans and threw one leg over my motorcycle…yum. That was the hottest fuck I ever had.

The most erotic thing in the world is to eat out a hot manhole. I love it when my guy has been working hard all day and comes over to give me what I need. I love for him to spread his legs over my face and force me to enjoy the incredibly intense aromas of his musky ass and balls. He rubs his ass all over my face. The taste and smells of his ass and nutsack drive me crazy. It’s my aphrodesiac.

i love watching straight men with nice,firm,big butts especially athltic types.The thought of no one ever haveing probed his hole or licked his arse.

The male butt is perfect when the cheeks are smooth but his crack is hairy.Especially blond men with hairy cracks.

The male arse is truly worth of praise.

p.s-does anyone know of any male arse/butt sites?

I have to concur, the thought of a well-honed man laying on his stomach with his butt cheeks parted, allowing a mouth-watering glance at his butt hole is DIVINE. There is nothing I like better than flicking my tongue into that familiar crease and savouring the sweat pit that is his gorgeous, fucked arse!

I am a gay man in his 40’s.I have been blessed with a butt that everyone loves.It is small, round, and firm. Living in Florida,I always sport a speedo tan-line,which seems to make it stand out even more.The rest of me is pretty average,but if you saw my butt. jonn

I agree totally, i’m bi and i like chix even more than dudes, but i’ll admit i go crazy for a hot guy ass. i love asses, kissing firm cheeks, licking, rim jobs, eating out a tight hole and ofcourse a good butt fucking is awesome! like i said i’m more into girls, but there’s just something hot and naughty about making love to a guy’s butt, ‘specially if he’s never done guy on guy stuff b4. damn i’m hard just thinking bout it.

I wish I could have my ass eaten out!

-Just curious in Texas

I’m straight (well perhaps bi) but have never been with another man… and of course have never had my butt fucked, but think I would love it if the right man seduced me. Guys, don’t hesitate with someone you think is straight. There are many of us out there who might just come out of the closet if you make the right moves

Encouraging gay men to approach heterosexual men is suggesting they look for heartache and maybe a bashing.

Suit trousers that show off a guy’s pert butt are a big turn on. I just wanna fuck it there and then.

im not gay either but i think i am, i have a real nice tight ass and i want it to be fucked by the right guy, afterall im str8t but dam im prob gay

I am 28 years gay from Pakistan, I have eaten many guys and men’s butts abd beleive u me its an incredible experience every time, nothing more tastier and delicious then a masculine hot butt cheeks and hole.

there is nothing nicer to see or to feel than a cute butt - better still when you have your tongue up it with his cheeks spread over your face

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